Robert MacIntyre Withdraws from the Memorial

Speaking about the Memorial, he emphasized that he hadn't spoken with friends, family, and managers

by Sead Dedovic
Robert MacIntyre Withdraws from the Memorial
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Robert MacIntyre, after his big win at the RBC Canadian Open, confirmed that he is withdrawing from the Memorial, a tournament of great significance and prestige in the world of golf. The Scot, with his victory at the Canadian Open, has paved his way to major tournaments and has placed high expectations on himself. 

However, the 27-year-old is tired after playing several tournaments in a row and needs rest. Since he secured a victory at the RBC Canadian Open, MacIntyre won't have to play qualifiers for the U.S. Open and will have the chance to compete in this Major. It will be a great opportunity for the Scot to prove himself on the big stage alongside such big names. His intention will be to go as far as possible, and we will see his capabilities.

“This is my fifth event in a row. I was planning to do U.S. Open qualifier tomorrow [Monday], 36 holes with my dad on the bag. Thankfully that’s off the cards."- MacIntyre said, as quoted by Golf Week USA Today.

Speaking about the Memorial, he emphasized that he hadn't spoken with friends, family, and managers. He pointed out that he would need to talk to them and determine their plans for the future. MacIntyre doesn't have much room to think about celebration and success, given that golf is a sport where challenge follows challenge. After one tournament, there are others to come, providing either a chance to improve or to maintain form. MacIntyre will have the opportunity to find his rhythm and potentially achieve great success again. He has shown that he can compete with everyone, even though his start on the PGA Tour wasn't promising.

“I’ve not even spoken to my mom, my family, my team, my managers. I mean, I’m guessing I’m going to have to (smiling). I mean, I would love to go home for a party, but I think we’ll probably play next week.”-he continued.

Robert MacIntyre poses with the trophy alongside his caddie and father Dougie MacIntyre and girlfriend Shannon Hartley
Robert MacIntyre poses with the trophy alongside his caddie and father Dougie MacIntyre and girlfriend Shannon Hartley© Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images Sport

Robert MacIntyre will pay his parents’ mortgage

Robert MacIntyre unexpectedly had his father, Dougie, as his caddie during the RBC Canadian Open. Finishing 16-under-par was enough for the Scot to achieve his long-awaited victory. Listening to his interview from a few months ago, few would have expected the Scot to lift such an important trophy shortly thereafter. 

MacIntyre seemed somewhat disappointed with the PGA Tour and the atmosphere around the Tour. He emphasized that the situation was much friendlier on the European Tour than it was on the PGA Tour. The Scot also pointed out that he missed a lot of things but was aware that this was a new chapter in his career. 

After his huge victory and a substantial prize of £1.3 million, MacIntyre highlighted that he will give a significant portion of that money to his parents, who had been with him throughout. He expressed gratitude to his father but also to his mother, who had been there for him since the first day of his career. MacIntyre's father was the main driving force behind everything and the reason why Robert fell in love with golf.

"Yeah, he’s going to get a nice paycheck out of it. I think I’ve got to get rid of some money just now for tax reasons.

But he’ll do nicely out of it. He deserves it. And my mum and dad will be mortgage-free now, and life’s looking a little bit better on that side of things, but he just wants me to do well because I’m his son, and there’s no angles to it, there’s nothing.”- he continued

Robert MacIntyre's upbringing

MacIntyre's upbringing, shaped by his parents, has deeply influenced his perspective on life. He stresses that the challenges faced by foster children have taught him that golf, despite its importance in his career, isn't the most important thing in life. Reflecting on his own upbringing, MacIntyre recalls moments of emotional difficulty when foster children left their home, highlighting the deep bond that formed with them. 

His upbringing was indeed somewhat different from his peers, considering that his parents tried to teach him important life lessons, which are probably still in his head.

Despite financial constraints, his parents provided him with opportunities in sports, although MacIntyre recognizes the sacrifices made by his family, including his sisters, who supported his dreams. Growing up without easy access to golf tournaments due to financial limitations instilled in MacIntyre a resilient spirit and a determination to persevere. 

Being in a difficult financial situation and playing this sport is not an easy thing.

He attributes his fighting spirit to his upbringing, emphasizing that while he was given opportunities, nothing was handed to him easily, and he had to work hard for every achievement. 

This is also the reason why MacIntyre has a somewhat different mentality and a greater passion for golf than others.

Robert Macintyre