Daniel Berger Reflects on Grayson Murray's Passing: 'What If I Could Have Said More?

Daniel Berger, a PGA Tour player, and Grayson's colleague, had the opportunity to have lunch with Murray a few days before his death

by Sead Dedovic
Daniel Berger Reflects on Grayson Murray's Passing: 'What If I Could Have Said More?
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The death of Grayson Murray has affected everyone in the world of golf, from former legends, fans of the sport to golfers currently competing on the big stage. Murray decided to commit suicide, having previously spoken about mental health issues. Murray also struggled with alcoholism, and a few months ago, he admitted to overcoming alcoholism and feeling much better than before. 

Murray's colleagues expressed sadness via social media after the news of his death, and some of them emphasized the importance of openly discussing mental health and focusing on providing assistance to everyone, including professional athletes who encounter such problems. 

Daniel Berger, a PGA Tour player, and Grayson's colleague, had the opportunity to have lunch with Murray a few days before his death and to play the first round of the tournament in Texas with him. After Murray's death, Berger was shocked, asking himself various questions.

“What if I could have said one thing. If I asked him is there anything you needed. Maybe that could have made a difference.”-Berger said, as quoted by Golf Week.

Grayson Murray
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Luke Donald had a conversation with Grayson Murray

Luke Donald, also a colleague of Murray's, revealed that he had an interesting conversation with Murray before this year's Masters. Grayson was competing at the Masters for the first time and wanted to know what to expect from this tournament, how to prepare, and what steps to take to succeed. Donald was open to providing him with plenty of advice, given his experience playing in major tournaments. 

Donald admitted that he hadn't noticed anything unusual in Murray's behavior, emphasizing that Grayson seemed to be feeling good. Their conversation revolved around golf and the tournaments ahead of them. Few knew what Murray was battling in his mind at that time.

“He came over and just started asking me. It was his first Masters and it was a few week before Augusta. He wanted to know a lot about how I prepared and what I did, what’s the secret to be successful around there. I shared some of the stuff I thought was helpful.

He looked like he was in a good spot.”- Luke Donald said.

Luke Donald
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Joaquin Niemann's reaction

Niemann expressed deep sadness over Murray's passing, describing it as a big loss. He reflected on the strange sensation of knowing someone, competing against them, and then suddenly hearing the news of their death. Niemann stressed that everyone faces their own struggles, recognizing that Murray was fighting with his own demons. Despite these challenges, Murray was able to confront them and shine in golf, achieving success on the course.

Joaquin Niemann
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Grayson Murray on his battle with depression and anxiety

Murray decided earlier this year to openly speak about his struggles. He emphasized that every person has battles in their life. The only difference is that some individuals manage to conceal their struggles and show another side of themselves, while others have difficulty functioning under such conditions. 

Murray noticed that recently there has been a greater emphasis on mental health and its importance. Grayson is not the only person from the world of sports who has openly spoken about such issues, as an increasing number of athletes and celebrities are deciding to speak openly about their problems. Modern times bring special pressures in which individuals find it difficult to function, especially athletes who have huge fan bases and enormous pressure on their shoulders.

“Everyone has their battles. And sometimes people are able to hide them and function, and sometimes you’re not.

I think our society now is getting better about accepting that, you know, it’s ok to not be ok.

I'm not ashamed that I go through depression and anxiety."- Grayson Murray.

Murray openly discussed his battles with anxiety, depression, and alcohol use, acknowledging that these struggles have been a huge part of his life. He also mentioned struggling with comparing himself to others and issues related to self-esteem, stressing that these are common challenges many people face. Despite these difficulties, he emphasized the importance of courage and persistence in overcoming them.

It seems that this PGA Tour player had the biggest struggles when he started building his career, feeling like he hadn't achieved enough. Thinking in such a way is quite common for many athletes, who often, as we've already mentioned, immediately put pressure on themselves. However, Murray had a respectable career and left a mark on many.

Murray was a fantastic person, a brilliant golfer, whose legacy will be talked about in the future.

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