Jack Nicklaus's Phone Call with Jay Monahan Regarding LIV Golf-PGA Tour Merger

"I've tried to stay out of what's going on with the Tour and LIV,”- Jack Nicklaus said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jack Nicklaus's Phone Call with Jay Monahan Regarding LIV Golf-PGA Tour Merger
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PGA Tour and PIF negotiations are still ongoing, with no indications that a final agreement will be reached soon. Impatience has gotten under the skin of many who want to see unity in the golf world, while on the other hand, staunch opponents of LIV Golf are reveling in the current situation. Looking at reactions on social media, it seems that this latter group is in the minority. 

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus has weighed in on the current events in the golf world. The 84-year-old has been reluctant to openly discuss his views many times before, preferring to focus on other matters. However, Nicklaus was somewhat concerned about the happenings in the golf scene at one point and decided to call PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan, seeking his opinion on everything. Nicklaus was satisfied with Monahan's response, optimistic that things would be resolved soon.

“I've tried to stay out of what's going on with the Tour and LIV,”- Jack Nicklaus said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

“I think that's in pretty good hands and I think that - a couple months ago I called Jay about it. I said, ‘Jay, I'm worried a little bit about what's going on.' I said, ‘Are you doing alright or are you not?” And he said, 'We're doing fine.’ I said, 'That's all I need to know.’ So as far as I know, the Tour's doing fine and their problems are going to get worked out. How it is, I don't know.”- Nicklaus continued.

Jay Monahan
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Nicklaus expressed a subtle view on the idea of reunification in golf, stressing that while it would be beneficial, he's not entirely convinced it's necessary. He pointed out that there are two perspectives to consider. On one hand, he sees the potential for success with individual tournaments, both within the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, boasting strong fields and top players. However, he also recognizes the value of having all players compete together more regularly. While he believes it would be preferable for tournaments to come together more often, he stops short of insisting it's absolutely imperative for the sport.

Of course, this opinion is entrenched in the golf world. While many were initially opposed to LIV Golf, over time, the majority has come to realize that perhaps the best option is to see LIV Golf and the PGA Tour together. It's unlikely that anyone can stop LIV Golf or prevent them from being on the golf scene. The only option is to unite and provide fans with what they want most. Looking at the current situation, many are guided by the old adage: "Of two evils, choose the lesser!"

Jack Nicklaus on TV ratings

TV ratings on both Tours haven't been satisfactory lately, at least according to reports. However, in the last month, things seem to have improved significantly, which has sparked optimism among key figures in the golf world. Nicklaus isn't fully informed about the situation, but judging by everything he's heard, rankings have surged recently. Such news clearly pleases him, especially at a time when fewer young people are interested in sports, including golf.

“Well, I think TV ratings have been pretty good lately, haven't they? The last three months TV ratings have gone up, they've been up pretty good, from the report that I got."- Nicklaus said.

Nicklaus expressed his confidence in the expertise of others who are more knowledgeable about the challenges facing the game of golf than he is. He believes that those individuals are capable and well-equipped to address these issues effectively. Golf legend emphasized his love for golf and his desire to see it thrive and expand, as it has done over the years.

Jack Nicklaus
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Jack has left a profound impact on the golf scene, becoming an idol to many who have taken up the sport. His contributions to promoting golf and sparking interest in others to play are significant. Now, it's up to the new generations to continue his legacy and do the same work as Nicklaus. To say that Nicklaus is a great promoter for golf is an understatement. 

The 84-year-old has done so much for this sport that many couldn't accomplish the same in the next 50 years even if they worked tirelessly.

Jack Nicklaus on Tiger Woods

Nicklaus also reflected on another golf legend, Tiger Woods, considering him a great person to tackle issues in the world of golf. Woods is part of the PGA Tour Policy Board and plays an important role in this matter. Nicklaus is aware of Woods' qualities but also recognizes how his experience can be crucial in negotiations. Woods is a person whose voice can change a lot of things.

“Tiger had a lot of experience, he's been around long enough, he's not going to play a whole lot more. He can still contribute. I think it's great that he wants to contribute and be part of it. I think it's great that the guys want him to contribute. So I'm delighted to see him on the board. He'll make a great contribution.”

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