Collin Morikawa Reveals Why Tiger Woods Won't Use a Cart at the U.S. Open

Morikawa and Woods had a chance to hang out a few days ago.

by Sead Dedovic
Collin Morikawa Reveals Why Tiger Woods Won't Use a Cart at the U.S. Open
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Collin Morikawa and Tiger Woods are in great relations for many years. The 27-year-old Morikawa had the opportunity to be part of Woods' charity event a few days ago, where many interesting situations occurred. Tiger Woods was friendly and visibly in good spirits during the tournament, even deciding to 'tease' his colleagues. Of course, in a great way. 

Morikawa decided to recount a moment when Woods teased him because he couldn't hit a draw. Shortly after, Woods hit a hook, impressing Morikawa. Although Tiger has been injured for a long time and doesn't seem completely ready, he still has a great feel for the game, which can certainly delight everyone. His performances in tournaments have been far from the standards we're used to from Woods, but still, no one blames him considering what he's been through in recent years.

“He was making fun of me not being able to hit a draw, so I hit a draw; it was like a 5-yard draw. And then he hit a hook, and I swear he was aiming like 3 feet from the line of people that were on the right side. The skill and the feel is still all there, right?”-Collin Morikawa told Golf Digest.

The 27-year-old American is happy to even share the golf course with Tiger, talk to him, and get valuable advice. Morikawa, just like many boys growing up, idolized Woods during his childhood. Tiger has been an inspiration to a large number of today's golfers, who started training golf because of him and dreamed of playing on the PGA Tour. 

Tiger Woods
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Morikawa reflected on his childhood when he probably couldn't have been aware that one day he would be part of the big scene, alongside Woods, and spend time with him. Morikawa has fulfilled his dream and is happy to have Tiger as a friend.

Tiger Woods and the use of a cart are an unavoidable topic in the golf scene, considering that this outstanding golfer refuses to use a cart regardless of the circumstances. Morikawa has decided to address some doubts about whether Woods might change his stance in the future.

Morikawa expressed that Woods probably prefers to continue playing without a cart, despite the potential benefits, because of his strong ego and determination. He hinted that Woods, like most athletes, likely wants to keep pushing himself until he physically can't anymore. The 27-year-old mentioned that he would gladly use a cart himself if given the option.

Jack Nicklaus on Tiger Woods using a cart

Tiger Woods has repeatedly emphasized that he doesn't want to use a cart, believing he can endure the physical demands of walking the course. Last year, in an interview, Jack Nicklaus mentioned that he had spoken with Woods, suggesting he could use a cart, but Woods expressed his reluctance to do so. His intention is to use a cart only when he becomes part of the senior tour.

"I told him, I said 'Tiger you’re eligible to take a cart', but he said 'I'm not going to do that, when I get to the senior tour I will.
He'd love to play the senior tour. That's what I love about Tiger, he’s a competitor, he loves competition."-
Jack Nicklaus said.

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus
Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus© Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images Sport

Tiger Woods has emphasized many times that he has no intention of using a cart, considering it as a last resort for him. This amazing golfer reacted a few years ago to the fact that John Daly rode in a golf cart for the PGA Championship in 2019. Tiger Woods was not happy with Daly's decision. 

In a media interview, Tiger Woods stated: "I walked with a broken leg, so." Daly then mentioned that he had arthritis in his right knee and couldn't walk long distances. Such a stance by Woods likely speaks volumes about how much Tiger avoids using a golf cart.

Tiger Woods and U.S. Open

Tiger will be competing next week at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst, where he will participate on a special exemption. This time, no one will have high expectations for Woods, considering his injuries and previous performances. The most important thing for fans is that Tiger will be part of this Major, which will certainly attract additional attention.

His mere presence on the golf course is why some will follow this Major and look forward to his performance. The question arises: will Woods even recover from the injury that has been troubling him for a long time? It's truly difficult to provide a definitive answer. With the passage of time, there is less hope that we will have the chance to see the old Woods on the golf course, who can compete at the highest level.

This year's US Open will attract immense attention also because of some other names that currently dominate the golf scene. We can expect a spectacle this year and great performances, of that there is no doubt.

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