Patrick Reed: I feel like the world ranking is not a reflection of where I should be

Reed believes that the current ranking is not a reflection of his true quality and form

by Sead Dedovic
Patrick Reed: I feel like the world ranking is not a reflection of where I should be
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Patrick Reed was aware that by joining LIV Golf, many things would change for him. The money he received by joining LIV Golf was tempting, but on the other hand, the losses incurred by joining LIV Golf were significant. Primarily, when it comes to OWGR points, which LIV executives believed would be awarded with. 

However, the situation remained the same as in the last two years, which creates a huge problem for LIV Golfers. 

Ahead of another event in LIV Golf, Reed emphasized that he is someone who deserves to be part of the Majors. Unfortunately, he has to accept the current situation.

“If those events would carry over into a normal season throughout, there’d be no doubt I’d be in the majors, I’ll be well inside the top 20, probably top 15 in the world with those kinds of finishes consistently throughout the year."- he said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Reed believes that the current ranking is not a reflection of his true quality and form. Many LIV Golfers have pointed out this problem, but they were clear that joining LIV Golf could bring such an outcome. The consequences they feel are certainly negative, though there is still optimism among them that this problem will be resolved. One way to resolve it is through a merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. Such an option generates less optimism, as negotiations have stalled and are taking considerably longer than expected.

“I feel like the world ranking is not a reflection of where I should be and what events I should be in. But at the end of the day, I don’t make those decisions. It’s their [Majors] call on special exemptions. They’re the ones that make those decisions and I just have to live with it, just continue doing what I do and play golf.”- he continued.

Patrick Reed
Patrick Reed© Eakin Howard / Getty Images Sport

Patrick Reed will have to try to play in Majors through qualifiers, except for the Masters, considering he has already won there before. However, Reed had to withdraw from the US Open qualifiers. The reason for this is that he gained an exemption for the PGA Championship. 

The 32-year-old realized that he wouldn't be able to make it to Texas for the qualifiers. In a media interview, he emphasized that playing in Majors is always the best option. However, it was challenging to feasibly make it to both fronts. Reed seems to have accepted such an outcome, considering it wasn't meant to happen

“It was my best option. Playing at a major championship, grinding for four days, then trying to get a flight out and get there … it wasn’t feasible. Too much that I had to do to try to get there and line everything up. It wasn’t meant to be.”- Reed said.

Patrick Reed shocked the golf scene when he accepted the offer from LIV Golf and embarked on a different path. His intention was to become a global player, recognizable among everyone. He emphasized that he is excited about the new phase in his career, considering LIV Golf a brilliant product that works on promoting golf worldwide.

“Being a worldwide player is something that has always been important to me. It is one of the reasons I joined LIV Golf and why I enjoy playing The International Series events on the Asian Tour. It’s exciting to come to new places to grow the game and to make golf a truly global sport."

Patrick Reed remarks in 2021

Reed's remarks in 2021 when he signed with LIV Golf reflect his excitement for the return of team golf. He compared it to his experiences in college and the Ryder Cup, emphasizing the camaraderie and the joy of playing for a team rather than just for yourself. He expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of watching more golf coverage, not limited to featured groups but from various players and teams.

Reed sensed at that time that many golfers were motivated to showcase their quality on the big stage with big energy. He is someone who analyzed his decision carefully. Ultimately, he realized that LIV Golf could offer him what he wants. Although Reed never spoke about the money factor, of course, fans reacted immediately, emphasizing that it's the main reason. Patrick Reed had several reasons, as already mentioned, such as the globalization of golf and the team aspect of the game.

It's difficult to understand whether Reed regrets his decision or is happy with the path he has taken. It's also challenging to expect individuals to honestly speak about their decisions. However, Reed's decision is what it is, and we will continue to have the opportunity to watch him on LIV Golf.

Patrick Reed