C.T. Pan, four caddies in one day and ten holes

"Four caddies in one day. Damn, you must have set a record"

by Andrea Gussoni
C.T. Pan, four caddies in one day and ten holes
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It wasn't the typical golf tournament for C.T. Pan. It couldn't be when your caddie, in this case a legend like Mike 'Fluff' Cowan, who recently split ways with Jim Furyk and now carries the bag for the Taiwanese golfer, is sidelined due to a fall on the third hole at Ontario's Hamilton Golf and Country Club during the final round of the Canadian Open.

C.T. Pan, results

Cowan's slip forced Pan to seek an impromptu assistant, and he found it fitting to accept the offer from a fan following his game. This supporter lent a hand for a hole until a guy named Mike Campbell, a club caddie, stepped in.

He took over for the rest of the front nine until the third replacement appeared: Al Riddell, the regular caddie for Paul Barjon, who lives in the area and responded to the call for help. Just in case, Pan's wife, who has carried his bag on other occasions, was ready on the 10th tee to take charge of the situation, which left Shane Lowry, Pan's playing partner, astonished.

"Four caddies in one day. Damn, you must have set a record," the Irishman quipped to the television cameras, one of the most expressive golfers on the circuit. MacIntyre wins with his father on the bag It's not the only great caddie story of the week.

Another one occurred also in Canada. That of the tournament champion, Scottish golfer Bob MacIntyre, who clinched his first PGA Tour title with his father, Dougie, a greenkeeper at Glencruitten Golf Club, on the bag, after several changes of advisor in recent times.

Furthermore, over the weekend it was announced that the son of another legend in the golf world, Joe LaCava, who worked for years for Tiger Woods and now caddies for Patrick Cantlay, will coincide at the upcoming US Open with his son, who carries the bag for Logan MacAllister, qualified in one of the qualifiers. And this is all for Pan.