Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee's Argument Surprises Many

"Guys like that are what's wrong with golf. Brandel talks about stuff he knows nothing about."- Kim said.

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee's Argument Surprises Many
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Brandel Chamblee is known as one of the biggest critics of the LIV Golf and the system that prevails there. Chamblee has often emphasized LIV Golf in his career, dissatisfied with what they are doing. 

Anthony Kim, a man who has been absent from the golf scene for a long time and recently returned, reacted to Chamblee's statements. Kim chose LIV Golf as the Tour where he will continue his career upon returning to the world of golf. During one of his appearances on a podcast, Kim openly criticized Chamblee, believing that he talks about things he knows nothing about.

"Guys like that are what's wrong with golf. Brandel talks about stuff he knows nothing about."- Kim said, as quoted by Golf Magic.

Kim specifically addressed Chamblee's remarks where he talked about being inside the Ryder Cup locker room and sitting next to David Duval. Kim immediately reacted furiously, believing that Chamblee's statements made no sense. The American golfer went so far as to draw an interesting parallel.

"How the * would you know?

Here's David Duval, who was No. 1 in the world and played on multiple Ryder Cup teams, has all these sorts of records, won a million times — you're over-talking him about what it's like and what they're feeling?

If we were talking about, like, what it’s like to drive to a Korn Ferry event and miss the cut, we would call you, Brandel. But we don't do that."- he continued.

Brandel Chamblee
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Chamblee is known as someone who doesn't want to ignore call-outs, ready to respond. Chamblee has emphasized that he is a much more experienced figure in the golf scene and has achieved significantly more success than Kim in his career.

Brandel Chamblee is a former professional golfer who, after his playing career, became known as a golf analyst and commentator. He was born on July 2, 1962, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. During his playing career, Chamblee achieved one victory on the PGA Tour, at the Greater Vancouver Open in 1998. However, he gained greater popularity and recognition as a television analyst for Golf Channel, where he became known for his provocative and critical views on players, tournaments, and golf in general. Chamblee has often been controversial due to his comments, but he is also respected for his expertise and deep knowledge of the game.

"Less his banal drivel gets distorted into relevancy and just for context, I played the tour for about a decade longer than 
@AnthonyKim_Golf, and had more top tens than he did in his career."
- Chamblee wrote.

Anthony Kim had a problem with addiction and couldn't stop. One day he woke up in the hospital realizing he needed to change some things in life. Kim emphasizes that it was the moment when he decided to turn a new leaf, and the biggest motivation for that was his wife and daughter. He felt ashamed and knew he had to change something. Kim also decided to return to golf at the same time.

“I was in a bad mental place. My mental health was deteriorating every day whether I played golf or not. I wanted to experience everything too quickly. “- Kim said.

Brandel Chamblee: I wish Anthony well but let’s not pretend he knows north from south

Chamblee continued his explanation, believing that Kim had reasons for leaving, but he changed his decision when an offer came from LIV Golf. Chamblee considers Kim's actions hypocritical.

"And while I understand his failures and sympathize with them, his absurd computations seem oblivious to the fact that he was willing to trade his talent for the convenience of insurance payments and then willing to betray those payments for the convenience of a dictatorial murderer who would pay him to help hide his atrocities.  I wish Anthony well but let’s not pretend he knows north from south or disability payments from obfuscation payments or for that matter that he has ever heard of Jamal Khashoggi."-he wrote.

Their argument on social media has sparked a large number of reactions, with many golf fans deciding to comment. Some are on Chamblee's side, while others are on Kim's side. In any case, it's clear that they both have different views on golf and the future of this sport. Although Chamblee is against LIV Golf, it seems he considers the merger the only option for the future of golf. On the other hand, Kim hasn't particularly spoken about the merger, but it's surely a good option for him. We'll see if Kim will also have a ready response to this and if their dispute will continue in the coming days.

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