Carlos Ortiz Speaks Out: Missing US Open Hurts, I Should Be on That Stage

“I've been playing great. It's a shame I doubled the last hole to miss the qualifier. It hurt a lot,” Ortiz said.

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Ortiz Speaks Out: Missing US Open Hurts, I Should Be on That Stage
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Carlos Ortiz, the Mexican golfer who made headlines with his entry into the LIV Golf, found himself facing disappointment as he missed out on qualifying for this year's US Open. Despite his recent successes, including a special victory in Houston, Ortiz fell short in the qualifying rounds for the prestigious tournament.

Reflecting on his performance, the 33-year-old golfer expressed frustration, believing he had shown the caliber of play deserving of a spot in the US Open. Since the LIV Golf Tour does not earn ranking points, the only way individuals can play in tournaments is through exemptions, qualification, or if they have previously won a competition.

The setback was particularly hard for Ortiz, given his recent form and the anticipation he maintained of competing at one of golf's most famous events. His disappointment was made up of the memory of a crucial mistake during the qualifiers, where a double bogey on the final hole proved costly.

“I've been playing great. It's a shame I doubled the last hole to miss the qualifier. It hurt a lot,” Ortiz said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Carlos Ortiz
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For the past couple of years, LIV Golfers have been hoping they'd finally be awarded with ranking points, but things haven't been looking up for them. They're still waiting around for changes to happen, and it seems like joining forces with another group might be the best option for them. 

Ortiz and his colleagues are trying to stay positive, thinking that maybe one day LIV Golfers will get a shot at playing in the Majors. 
Ortiz really feels like he should be part of those big tournaments. But it's tough for him to accept that he won't be rubbing shoulders with the big names in golf anytime soon. 

Joining LIV Golf seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it feels like nothing's really changing for him, at least not yet. Most of his friends are in the same boat, facing the same disappointment week after week, and they're all hoping that someday, OWGR will change their minds and give them the recognition they're after.

The leaders of the OWGR have issued an ultimatum and highlighted what LIV Golf leaders need to do if they want to be rewarded with ranking points and if players on this Tour want a chance to compete in the Majors. There are many things about LIV Golf that aren't quite right at the moment, and it's far from the traditional golf we're accustomed to. The innovations they've introduced haven't exactly received positive reactions from everyone.

There's a glimmer of hope for LIV Golfers, thanks to the efforts of USGA chief championship officer John Bodenhamer, who recently provided some encouraging news for LIV Golfers.

John Bodenhamer awakened optimism among LIV Golfers

USGA chief championship officer John Bodenhamer has indicated that the US Open is reconsidering its eligibility criteria for future tournaments concerning LIV players. Bodenhamer mentioned that they've been observing developments in professional golf, particularly with many talented players joining LIV. 

As a result, they've been discussing the matter extensively. He mentioned that it's likely that they will eventually establish a pathway or some mechanism to provide these great players with an opportunity to compete in unified events once again.

Such comments instill optimism and belief that things will be somewhat different in the upcoming period. What gives LIV Golfers the most hope, however, is the merger with the PGA Tour. Negotiations have been ongoing for quite some time now, and optimism is lacking in these moments. The question arises: Why are the negotiations taking so long, and what is the main problem? 

Ortiz has emphasized that he will give his all to secure participation in major competitions in the near future. He also plans to compete in the Olympics, which hasn't been a priority for golfers in previous years. However, it seems that the Olympics are becoming increasingly important to golfers, who aim to achieve great results there. Ortiz hasn't forgotten to mention the LIV Golf events, from which he expects a lot.

“I'll do my best to get into the British Open. And I also have the summer Olympics, too, other than the LIV tournaments coming up. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.”-Ortiz said.

The Mexican has a lot of plans in the game, and we will see how much he will succeed in the whole story.

“I think with time, we're going to get back into the Majors because I know that I'm one of the best players in the world right now, and I deserve to be there. But the way things are happening right now, it's kind of hard.”

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