Brooks Koepka Skips US Open Press Conference Due to 'Lack of Media Creativity'

"I just don’t care about doing it. Everyone else turns interviews down. I never do."

by Sead Dedovic
Brooks Koepka Skips US Open Press Conference Due to 'Lack of Media Creativity'
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Brooks Koepka is known as a golfer who can provoke reactions or surprise fans with his actions. This was the case again recently. The 34-year-old LIV Golfer is part of the US Open but surprised many by not participating in the pre-tournament press conference. 

Koepka confirmed to Golfweek reporter that he would not be attending the press conference. The reason? Koepka is frustrated with the identical questions he hears week after week. 

Golfweek reporter Eamon Lynch revealed the contents of the text message Koepka sent him, where Koepka immediately highlighted some of the questions he might receive, stating that he is not interested in such matters. His intentions are rather to rest, focus on the tournament, and try to achieve a good result. Koepka likely wants to avoid being confused by reporters' questions or potentially being drawn into making specific statements.

"‘Do you think the course is borderline? What happened on those bogeys? What went well?’ Then some LIV versus PGA Tour questions.

I just don’t care about doing it. Everyone else turns interviews down. I never do. Would rather come back, rest up and spend time chilling. Not angry at all. Hope that’s clear. I declined my press conference too this week," he said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Koepka also expressed in his message that fans would rather hear the opinions of Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, or Scottie Scheffler, golfers who are leading voices or have been at least. The first two names mentioned are key figures in the negotiations between PIF and the PGA Tour, and their voices are crucial in the whole story. This is also one of the reasons why Koepka has no intention of answering questions primarily regarding the merger and other issues. It is still unknown to anyone what the outcome will be and whether the PGA Tour and PIF can find common ground.

Brooks Koepka specifically addressed Rory McIlroy, believing that fans have shown more understanding towards him, highlighting that Rory is tired, under immense obligations, and needs focus. However, Koepka believes there are double standards at play. When it comes to him, the media and fans point fingers at him, believing he is angry with the media. The 34-year-old emphasizes that this is far from the truth.

“That’s a stretch. Rory didn’t talk to media at LACC [in the 2023 U.S. Open] and everyone was talking how it’s because he wants to focus. The second I do it, I’m mad at media, which isn’t true. I just didn’t want to do it. But my narrative will be I’m mad at media.”- Koepka said.

Rory McIlroy
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Brooks Koepka: Most golf fans don't live or die on my statements

Golf fans are in great uncertainty as they still await the outcome of negotiations between the PGA Tour and PIF. Opinions vary, but it seems that the majority of fans have accepted the existence of LIV Golf and believe that a merger would likely be the best option for everyone. McIlroy's voice has been crucial since the inception of LIV Golf, with the Northern Irishman criticizing the leadership of this tour and golfers, subsequently changing his stance. Koepka emphasizes that he is not someone whose views will have such resonance and significance.

"No, I'm being honest. Most golf fans don't live or die on my statements. I'm not Tiger Woods or Scottie Scheffler. And Rory [McIlroy]. Everyone else is kind of an afterthought."

Koepka clarified that he is aware of this perspective and respects the preferences of fans who want to hear from top players like Woods and Scheffler. He emphasized that his decision not to engage in interviews is not fueled by anger but rather by a lack of personal interest in doing so, stressing that other players also decline interviews without resentment.

Of course, Koepka's views are always scrutinized, given that this experienced golfer has often had controversial stances and statements in the past that put him in the spotlight with fans and media. This time, the American wants to be more cautious, but it's clear that Brooks has no intention of getting under the skin of fans and media, firmly advocating his position.

Brooks is someone who doesn't dwell too much on others' reactions, stressing it hinders his progress and success in golf. His intentions are to play a good tournament, convince people that he is still a quality golfer, and finish his story in a great way.

It will be interesting to see how far Koepka can go in the US Open and whether he is ready for another major achievement.

LIV Golf fans would certainly be happy with his success.

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