Tiger Woods Reflects After Disappointing First Round at US Open

“I thought I did the one thing I needed to do today, which is drive the ball well. I did that, I just didn't capitalize on any of it.”- Woods said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods Reflects After Disappointing First Round at US Open
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Tiger Woods, a golfer who has won the US Open three times, has the opportunity to demonstrate his skills once again at one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of golf.

Tiger Woods didn't impress on the first day, finishing the opening round with a score of +4. Of course, no one expected Woods to shine given his injury, but it seems there were higher expectations for this great golfer. After the conclusion of the opening round, Woods addressed his performance and the first day with the media. You could feel the disappointment in his words.

He emphasized that he didn't hit irons particularly well and didn't putt that great. Despite having specific ideas and strategies in mind, Woods failed to capitalize on them. However, Woods will have a chance for improvement.

“I didn't hit my irons particularly well. Didn't putt that great. Drove it on the string all day.” Woods said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

“I thought I did the one thing I needed to do today, which is drive the ball well. I did that, I just didn't capitalize on any of it.”

Even before the start of this tournament, many golfers complained about the golf course, expecting a challenging task, particularly putting an accent on the greens. However, more experienced players like Woods were expected to fare better on such a golf course. Some golfers went so far as to declare it the toughest golf course they've played on, with a hint of fear about what lies ahead. Woods shares this sentiment. Tiger highlighted that many of his colleagues felt the difficulty of this golf course.

“This golf course is all about the greens." Woods said.

"The complexes are just so difficult and so severe that, I mean, I think 1-under par is only in fifth. There aren't that many scores that are low.“- Woods continued.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods© Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport

Tiger Woods explained the challenges of the golf course, stressing that it's difficult to control the ball's proximity to the hole. Unlike typical courses where shots often feed towards the flag, here the slopes tend to repel the ball away. This makes it challenging to position the ball on the correct parts of the greens. Woods emphasized that if you miss the target area and end up short-sided, it typically results in a bogey or worse, demonstrating the unforgiving nature of the course setup.

48-year-old suggested that on this specific golf course, the best strategy involves balancing aggression with a conservative approach. This means taking calculated risks while adhering to a safe and strategic game plan.

Some of his colleagues seem to have already adopted such an approach, which has given them a significant advantage right from the start. This golf course demands special attention, strategy, and mindset. This is one of the reasons why golf is not just a physical game, but also a mental one.

Tiger Woods on physical condition and expectations

For a long time there have been questions regarding Woods' performances in major tournaments.

Tiger Woods confirmed that he has made huge progress in terms of physical endurance. Injuries that have been troubling him for some time now seem to have a lesser effect on him than before. However, Woods is still not fully ready, aware that he needs to be cautious not to worsen his issues. His intention is to play in Major championships, but if he crosses the line and puts immense strain on his body, it will be difficult for him to achieve his goal. This is also why Woods has no intention of playing in a large number of tournaments.

“I'm physically getting better as the year has gone on. I just haven't been able to play as much because I just don't want to hurt myself pre, then I won't be able to play in the major championships.“- Woods said.

Tiger Woods explained the dilemma he faces, saying it's a choice between playing frequently and risking not performing well, or limiting his play and dealing with potential rustiness.

Second round: What can we expect from the great Tiger Woods?

It will be interesting to see how this great golfer performs in the second round. It's crucial for him to remain calm and pay close attention to his body. The fact that he can compete in a Major is a big deal for him. Therefore, it's hard to expect Woods to be as brilliant. Fans are primarily happy to see him on the course and that Woods is still playing. There was a great fear after all the accidents and injuries that we wouldn't see Woods on the golf course anymore.

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