Tiger Woods' Uncertain US Open Future After Failing to Make Cut at Pinehurst

Despite injuries being a significant obstacle, Tiger expected that he could still make the cut.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods' Uncertain US Open Future After Failing to Make Cut at Pinehurst
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Although many did not expect a great performance from Tiger Woods at the last US Open, there were still expectations that he would make the cut. The 48-year-old golfer shot a second-round 73, which unfortunately was not enough. The brilliant golfer, explaining his plans for the future, emphasized that he will probably play one more event and then make a comeback. 

Woods cannot be happy with his performance, aware that he is far from the form he once had. Despite injuries being a significant obstacle, Tiger expected that he could still make the cut. Competing in this atmosphere is frustrating, but Tiger remains optimistic about the future.

"I've only got one more tournament this season, so I'm not going to - I don't think even if I win the British Open I don't think I'll be in the Playoffs. Just one more event and then I'll come back whenever I come back," Woods said talking about his plans, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

"Well, it's one of those things where in order to win a golf tournament, you have to make the cut. I can't win the tournament from where I'm at, so it certainly is frustrating."- Tiger Woods continued.

The 48-year-old golfer dominated the golf scene for years until his life began to be marked by scandals and injuries. Considering the surgeries he has undergone, it is a huge achievement that Woods even competes in such prestigious tournaments. Of course, we cannot forget that Woods is 48 years old, which certainly makes his job more challenging, especially regarding his physical condition. The chaotic situation surrounding his divorce and media coverage had a massive impact on his career, forcing Woods to think about matters beyond the golf course. Despite everything, this brilliant golfer does not give up on the goals he has set, ready to go all the way.

Reflecting on his performance at the US Open, Tiger expected to be able to compete with his peers, but unfortunately, things did not go ideally for him. Regarding the future, Woods is still unsure which tournaments he will participate in. Considering the injury that troubles him and his physical condition, we can understand Woods' perspective.

"I thought I played well enough to be up there in contention. It just didn't work out. As far as my last Open Championship or US Open Championship, I don't know what that is. It may or may not be."- he continued.

Neal Shipley and Tiger Woods at Masters 2024
Neal Shipley and Tiger Woods at Masters 2024© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

Woods expressed his frustration at not making it to the weekend, explaining that he believed his ball-striking and putting were good enough to be competitive. He emphasized that it was frustrating because he didn't have the chance to compete for a win over the weekend.

The most important thing is that Woods will compete in another Major next month, which would mean that he has played in all the Majors in a single season for the first time in many years. The question arises whether Woods will be able to deliver better performances or if it is difficult to expect any success from him in this tournament. Woods has certainly set the bar very high, so anything is possible.

Tiger Woods has managed to win The Open Championship three times so far, in 2000. 2005 as well as 2006.

Fans reacted

Fans had mixed reactions. While some were happy with Tiger Woods' performance, others criticized him due to the small number of tournaments he played. Of course, injuries and lack of readiness are the main factors, but it seems that fans would like to see Woods on the golf course more often.

" I’ll say it now and unfortunately I’ll say it every time he plays you can’t play four times a year only in majors and expect to compete. It’s literally impossible. "- a fan wrote.

Another fan pointed out that if Woods continues his philosophy of playing 4 Majors, he cannot expect a positive future. The 48-year-old golfer, on the other hand, is happy with the number of tournaments he has played so far, considering that some did not even expect that he would be part of the Majors.

" Just showing not playing will have this be his reality every single time he decides to play only four times a year. "- he said.

No matter how big of a star you are and what you achieve in your career, some people will still criticize you for certain things. For Woods, the priority must be to focus on himself, on the upcoming challenges, and to believe that he can fully recover. These are the things he can control.

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