Rory McIlroy Aims to Avoid Last Year's Mistakes: Can He Win the US Open?

Rory McIlroy was close to achieving a major result last year at the same tournament, but Wyndham Clark was more focused and secured the victory.

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Aims to Avoid Last Year's Mistakes: Can He Win the US Open?
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Rory McIlroy is a figure who has attracted immense attention ahead of the start of the US Open, much like before every Major since his career began its upward trajectory. The Northern Irishman last won a Major title in 2014, marking a lengthy period for a golfer of his caliber. However, it seems that Rory has never been closer to lifting a Major trophy, entering the final round of the US Open three shots behind leader Bryson DeChambeau

Rory McIlroy is known for his relentless dedication to achieving top results in golf. After waiting ten years since his last Major victory, he is determined to end that drought. Tired of waiting so long, he wants to prove his ability and lift the trophy.

Through his statements and performances on the course, Rory aims to silence critics who may have started to doubt his capability to return to the top level. He is focused on every shot and every round, demonstrating a determination to compete for victory. His desire for success is evident, and his mental and physical preparation is at its peak to achieve a goal that has long been his dream.

Expectations are high, both from himself and golf fans worldwide, as Rory seeks to put an end to his long quest for another major title.

Even before the start of this tournament, Rory McIlroy spoke about the challenges of this golf course, emphasizing that it would pose a huge challenge for him. After Saturday and a one-under-par round of 69, Rory McIlroy specifically discussed Pinehurst and highlighted the key difficulties he faced.

"The course is getting crispy. Some of the pin positions are pretty tricky. Felt like a lot of them were cut on little crowns. There was a lot of uphill putts but then after the hole it went downhill, so pretty tricky to get the pace right. It caught me out a couple times.

I love the test that Pinehurst is presenting, and you've got to focus and concentrate on every single shot out there. It's what a US Open should be like. It's obviously great to be in the mix"."- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Rory McIlroy was close to achieving a major result last year at the same tournament, but Wyndham Clark was more focused and secured the victory. The Northern Irishman reflected on his performance last year, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses before the start of last year's edition. He believes he's in a similar situation now, but based on last year's experience, it would be expected that Rory is more mentally focused and prepared this time. We will see if last year's experience has shaped him and taught him an important lesson.

"It would have been nice to hole that putt at the last and get to five-under and break out of that logjam at four. Pros and cons. Pros and cons to being in the last group, and maybe playing one group ahead might not necessarily be a bad thing. I'm pretty much in the same position that I was last year going into the final day at LACC. So familiar position, been here many times before, and hopefully tomorrow I produce the golf that's needed to go one better".- Rory McIlroy said.

Rory McIlroy
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Rory McIlroy: What can we expect?

Rory McIlroy's approach to his game shows he really knows the ins and outs of golf, thanks to his many years playing professionally. Every time something goes wrong, he turns it into a chance to get better, showing how tough and focused he is on getting better. He's been feeling really frustrated because he hasn't won a Major since 2014, and that's pushing him even harder every time he competes.

Before the recent US Open, McIlroy showed he was in great shape, with careful planning and smart strategies on the course. Even though he's been through tough personal stuff, like his divorce, getting back together with his wife has brought him stability. It's made him feel more energetic and even more determined to do well in his games.

With a fresh focus and a determined mindset, McIlroy stays steadfast in chasing Major championships. He's driven by a strong desire to win back the top titles he hasn't captured recently.

Bryson DeChambeau, LIV Golfer, is ready to prove that LIV Golfers have the talent and deserve to compete with the best golfers in the world. The 30-year-old golfer is prepared to pursue the big trophy and bring happiness to LIV Golf executives and his colleagues on the tour. Bryson is frustrated by the criticism that comes day by day regarding LIV Golf. This will motivate him to try to win a Major.

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