Leona Maguire Anticipates Experience at Paris Olympics

“Even just looking at the Olympic Rings going up on the Eiffel Tower, it seems it’s going to be a really big production this time.“

by Sead Dedovic
Leona Maguire Anticipates Experience at Paris Olympics
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Olympic Games have become important in the world of golf since the sport was reintroduced into the Olympic program in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Prior to that, golf had not been part of the Olympic Games since 1904. While some golfers still debate the importance of the Olympics compared to traditional golf tournaments like the Majors (US Open, The Open Championship, etc.), the inclusion of golf in the Olympic Games has brought certain benefits and significance to the sport.

In addition to providing an opportunity for global visibility and the prestige of winning Olympic medals, the Olympics also attract fans who want to see the best golfers compete on the big stage. The increasing interest of golfers in participating in the Olympic Games demonstrates that golf, like other sports, is evolving and adapting to the dynamics of the modern sports world.

Leona Maguire will compete in her third Olympics, ready to make a big leap and achieve a great result. The 29-year-old golfer has competed in Tokyo and Rio before, but it seems she didn't have a particularly positive experience, especially since the last games were held without spectators due to COVID-19. In a media interview, Maguire highlighted that she had followed the Olympics as a girl, emphasizing that this year's edition could offer much more. Playing the Olympics in such a large European city with tradition and history is a big deal. Although she won't be part of the opening ceremony, Maguire is looking forward to this experience.

“Yeah, grew up watching the Olympics. This is a European Olympics, so it will have a very different feel,” said Maguire, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

“Even just looking at the Olympic Rings going up on the Eiffel Tower, it seems it’s going to be a really big production this time. Won’t be there for the opening ceremony to go down in the boats on the Seine and stuff like that, but it’s still going to be a really cool experience.“- he continued.

Leona Maguire expressed her anticipation for the Paris Olympics, stressing the experiences of Rio and Tokyo. She highlighted that Rio felt somewhat scaled back, while Tokyo was impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Looking ahead to Paris, Maguire expressed excitement about the prospect of competing in front of crowds and receiving strong support from European fans, which would also bring her closer to home. 

There is a huge difference, especially for European players, playing in a European country or somewhere else. Being closer to your fans gives you extra motivation, and naturally, there are more of them in the stands and on the courts.

Leona Maguire
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Reflecting on Irish athletes qualifying and their emotional journeys, Maguire emphasized the importance of the Olympics as a special event that exceeds individual achievements. She expressed the happiness of being part of a team and contributing to something greater than yourself.

Maguire will play in her third major of the season, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, which will serve as a prelude to the spectacle that will follow during the summer. Maguire emphasized that the upcoming tournaments will be excellent preparation for the Olympics. Ahead of this golfer, there will be numerous challenges, and her intention is to achieve a good result.

“I think all tournaments between now and August are going to be preparation for the Olympics. It’s obviously going to be a very tough golf course at Golf National. Any time you have a good test like this off the tee and next week in a major, they’re all great preparation for what we need later on this summer.“- she continued.

Leona Maguire and her challenges

Maguire faces numerous challenges in her career, considering the tough opponents awaiting her at tournaments like the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. These prestigious competitions feature stars of world golf, intensifying the competition further. Nevertheless, Maguire is committed to proving her amazing golf skills. Her passion and dedication are evident in every step of her preparation, as she is prepared to challenge and exceed expectations on the course. Endurance and mental strength will be crucial factors as she battles against top players.

Reflecting on Golf National, the venue of the 2018 Ryder Cup, Maguire is happy about the opportunity to compete at such an iconic location and be part of golfing history as a team member. She stresses the course’s difficulty as ideal for the Olympic Games.

Looking ahead, Maguire looks forward to participating in both the Solheim Cup and the Olympics, highlighting these team events as great opportunities for potential success this year.

The world of golf is attracting more attention, and the reason for this is names like Maguire, who always aims for the highest goals.

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