Bryson DeChambeau on McIlroy: For him to miss that putt, I’d never wish it on anybody

"Yeah [I can empathize], Rory is one of the best to ever play. Being able to fight against a great like that is pretty special."

by Sead Dedovic
Bryson DeChambeau on McIlroy: For him to miss that putt, I’d never wish it on anybody
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Bryson DeChambeau took the moment, making a triumphant return to the top by winning the 2024 US Open, three years after his first Major title. In the latest edition of the US Open, DeChambeau showed his brilliance, barely surpassing Rory McIlroy by just one stroke. McIlroy had the chance to turn the situation in his favor, holding a two-stroke lead towards the end of the tournament. However, three bogeys in the last four holes and a missed putt on the final hole opened the door for DeChambeau's victory.

A crucial moment was DeChambeau's 55-yard bunker shot, executed with remarkable precision and determination. In a post-victory interview, he highlighted how things appeared from his perspective, emphasizing the inspiration he drew from the legend Payne Stewart, who also left a significant mark on the world of golf.

Throughout his performance, DeChambeau demonstrated amazing mental strength and athletic endurance, key factors that led him to this historic moment in his career.

Rory McIlroy faced frustration following his narrow defeat at the 2024 US Open, a tournament he had been hopeful to win. Leading by two strokes towards the end, McIlroy stumbled with three bogeys in the last four holes, and a missed putt on the final hole sealed his fate, allowing Bryson DeChambeau to claim victory by a single stroke. This loss was particularly hard for McIlroy, who had anticipated a strong chance at securing the title.

In the aftermath, McIlroy chose to leave the golf course immediately, avoiding the winner's celebration and foregoing the customary congratulations to his opponent. His quick departure highlighted his deep disappointment and frustration over the missed opportunity.

Despite the tension, DeChambeau extended his respect to McIlroy, recognizing him as one of the best in the world of golf. DeChambeau understood McIlroy's frustration, stressing that the Northern Irish golfer had not had the best of luck recently. In his post-match comments, DeChambeau expressed empathy for McIlroy’s situation, appreciating the high level of competition and the emotions involved in such a close battle.

"Yeah [I can empathize], Rory is one of the best to ever play. Being able to fight against a great like that is pretty special.

For him to miss that putt, I’d never wish it on anybody. It just happened to play out that way. He’ll win multiple more major championships. There’s no doubt. I think that fire in him is going to continue to grow."- Bryson DeChambeau said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Bryson DeChambeau admitted that he holds nothing but respect for a player like Rory McIlroy. Although he faced tough moments towards the end, knowing that Rory was in the lead, Bryson is happy with how things ultimately played out and that he now has another major win in his career. It's a big deal to come out on top in a competition like the US Open.

"I have nothing but respect for how he plays the game of golf because, to be honest, when he was climbing up the leaderboard, he was two ahead, I was like, Uh-oh, uh-oh. But luckily things went my way today."- he continued.

Rory McIlroy
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DeChambeau stresses this defeat will further fuel McIlroy’s determination, recognizing Rory as a strong individual. He explained that for him, the key was understanding the strength of his game and maintaining execution, confident that the statistics would eventually favor him. He emphasized the role of luck in golf and how important it is to give 100% effort on every shot to increase the chances of success, just as he had done at the PGA and the Masters.

DeChambeau is optimistic about McIlroy's future, expressing a desire to have many more battles with him, and believes that Rory will secure a major win soon. 

Rory McIlroy and his desires

Many believe that Rory McIlroy's primary obstacle is his huge desire to win. This immense pressure he places on himself can be counterproductive, potentially damaging his performance during critical moments. Experts suggest that Rory should work with a sports psychologist to alleviate this self-imposed pressure and manage his expectations more effectively.

It is crucial for McIlroy not to focus on past mistakes and missed opportunities. Instead, he should focus on his successes and positive moments throughout his career. Remembering these achievements can help rebuild his confidence and mental resilience.

Despite the setbacks, McIlroy is an experienced golfer who will not give up easily. His determination and persistence are well-known, and with the right mental approach, he has the potential to overcome these challenges and secure more victories in the future.

The Northern Irishman will soon have a chance to fix things and show the world the real McIlroy.

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