Rory McIlroy Finally Speaks Up About U.S. Open 2024

“Yesterday was a tough day, probably the toughest I’ve had in my nearly 17 years as a professional golfer.“

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Finally Speaks Up About U.S. Open 2024
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Rory McIlroy left the golf course and went home after a disappointing performance at the US Open. The Northern Irishman chose not to stay or participate in the press conference. Moreover, Rory did not congratulate his opponent. His behavior sparked various reactions. Fans were unhappy with McIlroy's behavior, but, dealing with such moments is not easy.

They were shocked by the behavior of the experienced golfer, believing he should have acted differently. Immediately after the tournament, messages followed on social media, where some emphasized that McIlroy had to speak out about his performance, expecting it to happen once emotions settled.

The day after the event, the Northern Irishman decided to address his performance and what was likely the toughest day of his career via social media. The 35-year-old golfer first congratulated Bryson DeChambeau, who had truly been impressive. Rory McIlroy acknowledged that Bryson is a phenomenal golfer and someone the sport of golf needs.

“Yesterday was a tough day, probably the toughest I’ve had in my nearly 17 years as a professional golfer. Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Bryson. He is a worthy champion and exactly what professional golf needs right now. I think we can all agree on that,” McIlroy posted to his social media account.“- Rory McIlroy wrote.

McIlroy hasn't forgotten to comment on his performance. Moments where he missed putts on 16 and 18 are certainly moments he won't forget. It must be acknowledged that Northern Ireland absolutely did not have luck. It seems that the pressure and importance of this tournament played their part. McIlroy has not lifted a Major trophy in ten years, and the criticisms that come day after day surely do not make it easier for him when it comes to pressure.

“As I reflect on my week, I’ll rue a few things over the course of the tournament, mostly the 2 missed putts on 16 and 18 on the final day. But, as I always try to do, I’ll look at the positives of the week that far outweigh the negatives. As I said at the start of the tournament, I feel closer to winning my next major championship than I ever have.“- he continued.

Rory McIlroy
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Rory McIlroy: The one word that I would describe my career as is resilient

Rory McIlroy is a golfer burdened with huge expectations from tournament to tournament. When you play at the top level for years and are a big name in the world of sports, it's natural for expectations to immediately be placed upon you. McIlroy should ignore media appearances and instead focus on understanding that it's not necessary to achieve victory or lift the Major trophy. 

In moments when he adopts such a mindset, that's his only chance to truly succeed in doing so. The 35-year-old has faced a lot of challenges and misfortunes in his career, but he hasn't allowed that to disrupt his journey. McIlroy has confirmed that once again, he won't allow anything to stand in the way of his success. Rory wants to shift his focus to the next tournaments and forget one of the worst moments in his career as soon as possible.

“The one word that I would describe my career as is resilient. I’ve shown my resilience over and over again in the last 17 years and I will again. I’m going to take a few weeks away from the game to process everything and build myself back up for my defense of the Genesis Scottish Open and The Open at Royal Troon. See you in Scotland.”-McIlroy continued.

US Open and reactions from experts, former golfers and fans

After another edition of the US Open, impressions are still fresh. Many former golfers, experts, and fans are sharing their opinions after a disappointing episode for one of the world's best golfers. McIlroy was someone they expected much more from, but the Northern Irishman truly had no luck in key moments of the final round.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the rivalry between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, a rivalry that has existed for two years now. Bryson DeChambeau, as a member of LIV Golf, likely brought a huge amount of luck to LIV Golf executives and players who have often been underestimated. Bryson wanted to show that the LIV Golf tour has quality golfers who can compete with the best on the world stage.

Such rivalry brings additional attention to golf as a sport, but it also brings a lot of negative aspects. Some believe that a merger is the best option, but the question remains when a final agreement between PIF and the PGA Tour will be reached.

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