Bryson DeChambeau disappointed not to represent US at Olympics in Paris

"Nothing would mean more to me than putting on the red, white, and blue for Team USA at the Olympics."- DeChambeau wrote

by Sead Dedovic
Bryson DeChambeau disappointed not to represent US at Olympics in Paris
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After witnessing one of the most dramatic finishes at a Major, the US Open, the question arises: what comes next for us? Bryson DeChambeau managed to lift another trophy, although Rory McIlroy had the lead at one point, and it seemed like he would lift a Major trophy again after ten years. 

However, one trophy and one shot more for DeChambeau.

Immediately after winning the US Open, DeChambeau began thinking about the future, ready to compete at the Olympics. LIV Golfer was part of the Pat McAfee Show and admitted that playing in Paris would be a big deal for him. DeChambeau is a man who loves his country and is willing to do everything to make fans and all Americans happy.

"Nothing would mean more to me than putting on the red, white, and blue for Team USA at the Olympics," DeChambeau wrote on social media.

The LIV Golfer was also happy about McAfee's remarks, where McAfee emphasized that DeChambeau should be part of the team.

"Well I appreciate those words, I would love to represent the United States. It was tough for me not to go last time around because of Covid, just one of those things that happened."

Bryson hopes that the future of golf can become different and that he will have the opportunity to compete in major tournaments as he once did. DeChambeau is happy with his form and rhythm. The victory at the Major will be a great motivation for him in the upcoming challenges. Although frustrated with the developments on the golf scene, he is aware that he made a decision that could have consequences. The 30-year-old has had time to think, and it seems that he still firmly stands by his decision to remain part of LIV Golf.

"Hopefully one day this game of golf will get figured out and come back together, and I'll be able to play.

I'm playing great golf. I'm excited. Am I frustrated and disappointed? Sure you could absolutely say that but I made the choices that I made and there's consequences to that and I respect it."- he continued.

DeChambeau© Getty Images Sport - Gregory Shamus / Staff

DeChambeau hopes that the issues surrounding golf can be fixed soon, allowing the sport to move forward and show its greatness worldwide. He believes that overcoming these challenges will help highlight how incredible golf truly is on a global scale.

He had the opportunity to compete in the Olympics in Tokyo, but unfortunately for him, a positive COVID-19 test right before the event prevented him from participating. DeChambeau then expressed that he was frustrated and disappointed that he would not be able to compete for the USA team. Additionally, Bryson confirmed that it is a great honor to compete for the USA team, wishing them luck at the time. Now, several years later, new problems have arisen for him, and due to a lack of OWGR points, Bryson has to suffer the consequences.

To compete in the Olympics for the US, it is necessary to be among the top four ranked Americans. At this moment, they are Scottie Scheffler, Xander Schauffele, Wyndham Clark, and Collin Morikawa.

Golf as part of the Olympics

The Olympic Games this year are being held in Paris, marking the third time this city has hosted the world's largest sporting event. Paris previously hosted the Olympic Games in 1900 and 1924, and will now welcome the games again in 2024. 

Playing in the Olympics is the dream of every athlete, including golfers who will have the opportunity to show the beauty of their sport on the big stage. Golf is a popular sport, but compared to some others, it certainly attracts less attention. However, the Olympics are a great promotion for everyone, including golfers who strive to bring a medal to their country.

Golf is a relatively new sport in the Olympics, reintroduced to the program in 2016 after more than a century of absence. It first appeared at the Olympics in 1900 but was soon removed after the 1904 games. The reintroduction of golf into the Olympic program was a result of efforts by the International Olympic Committee and the International Golf Federation to expand the sport's popularity.

At the Olympics this year, both men and women will compete, and it's important to note that women's golf is also gaining increasing popularity and attention. There are high expectations for this competition, although some golfers have pointed out that the Olympics may not hold much value for them. However, the fact remains that winning a medal at such a prestigious competition is a tremendous achievement.

We will see who can impress and delight fans, themselves, and their nation this year.

Scheffler will surely be one of the favorites.

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