Jay Monahan optimistic after PGA Tour-PIF talks in New York

"As we've said in the past; we can't negotiate in public, but we are making progress."

by Sead Dedovic
Jay Monahan optimistic after PGA Tour-PIF talks in New York
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It's still difficult to draw a definite conclusion on whether an agreement between the PGA Tour and PIF will be reached in the near future. Considering statements from the past few weeks and months, there is optimism on both sides that a deal is very possible soon. Although a framework agreement was reached nearly a year ago, a final deal has not yet been concluded. 

The initial deadline was December 31, but six months later, the situation remains unchanged. 

However, Jay Monahan, PGA Tour Commissioner, sent a memo to PGA Tour members emphasizing that details cannot be disclosed publicly. A Golf Channel reporter revealed insights from the memo, indicating openness from both sides for negotiations. PIF and PGA Tour are aware that such a deal is only possible if they are willing to compromise.

"As we've said in the past; we can't negotiate in public, but we are making progress. Two weeks ago, members of our PGA Tour Enterprises transaction subcommittee met in New York with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the Governor of the PIF, as well as members of his team.

During that meeting, we reached consensus on several items, but both parties recognize that there is still work to do to reach a final agreement."

The PGA Tour Commissioner confirmed that negotiations are still ongoing. It's evident that there are many details they need to work on to reach a final conclusion, which is necessary for the future of golf to be brighter. Players and fans alike are becoming tired of the chaos that has lasted for two years. 

LIV Golfers, in particular, expected the deal to be reached much earlier, also hoping for OWGR points. Two years of individuals' careers have been put on hold, as most LIV Golfers couldn't compete in Majors. 

Monahan also didn't forget to mention the Player Directors, believing that with their help, there is a great chance they are heading in the right direction. Monahan is optimistic, which is the first step towards success.

"Our talks are ongoing, with the goal of developing a shared vision for the future of professional golf that is pro-competitive and provides players with the best global opportunities.

Your Player Directors have been crucial in this process. Their insights and perspectives are steering us towards a positive outcome, and we will keep you updated as additional work is accomplished."- he continued.

Xander Schauffele reacted

We can't say that Monahan is a particularly beloved figure in the world of golf, especially among golfers. His approach last year, when he didn't inform the golfers about the negotiations with PIF, sparked anger from everyone. Monahan subsequently had to take a break and avoid the criticisms that were coming his way. Despite making several changes in his approach, it seems that some are still not happy with his role. One of the golfers who recently expressed frustration with the leadership of the PGA Tour is Schauffele.

Xander Schauffele expressed that amidst the constant challenges, he feels the absence of strong leadership more acutely than ever. He emphasized the importance of having someone to guide and unify people during turbulent times. Schauffele sees his role as a golfer not only to perform well, as he did at Valhalla, but also to entertain and demonstrate the excitement of golf to fans and viewers.

Xander Schauffele and Jay Monahan
Xander Schauffele and Jay Monahan© Sam Greenwood/Getty Images Sport

Schauffele has placed special emphasis on Monahan, frustrated with his stance and approach for some time now. Golfers have felt unsupported by the leadership of this Tour since the creation of LIV Golf, through to the confirmation of PGA Tour's negotiations with PIF. Those who remained loyal to the PGA Tour found such treatment disappointing. Staying on the Tour despite huge financial offers and pressures is truly commendable. The question remains, however, how much gratitude PGA Tour officials have shown, especially towards central figures on the PGA Tour for their loyalty?

"I’ve criticised Jay in the past, but the fact is not once has our commander-in-chief stood up for all of us players and said, ‘This is happening, this is where we’re going,’ and protected us, basically."- he continued.

It must be acknowledged that tensions have eased since the beginning of this year, and many PGA Tour players have openly admitted they are in favor of a merger, considering it the only option at this time. While many of them may still have reservations about LIV Golf, they are aware that unification would bring benefits both to them and to LIV Golfers.

We will see what next steps Monahan and the management of the PGA Tour will take, and whether everyone will really benefit from it.

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