Xander Schauffele on Rory McIlory: I would say he’s under a bit more of a microscope

Xander Schauffele stresses it's difficult to watch McIlroy's defeat from a personal perspective.

by Sead Dedovic
Xander Schauffele on Rory McIlory: I would say he’s under a bit more of a microscope
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The dramatic finish of another edition of the US Open has sparked a large number of reactions. On one hand, we had Rory McIlroy ready to lift the Major trophy after ten years, while on the other hand, we had the brilliant Bryson DeChambeau, the LIV Golfer who wanted to show the world that LIV Golf possesses great qualities and to achieve success for himself. 

DeChambeau had previously celebrated victory at this Major four years ago. Bryson expressed respect for McIlroy after the final round, considering him one of the greatest in the world of golf. 

It's clear that luck played an important role in the whole spectacle, as did the pressure Rory felt. McIlroy was visibly frustrated and left the golf course immediately after the conclusion, without making any statements. Rory's colleague in the spotlight, Xander Schauffele, commented on the final round, believing that every athlete's career is marked by ups and downs. Schauffele thinks it's crucial for McIlroy to consult with his team and make the best decisions regarding the future.

When asked by a reporter if he empathizes with McIlroy, Schauffele said;

“As a competitor, all of us have had our highs and lows to a certain degree. It’s a tough spot,”- he said, as quoted by The Straits Times.

“I’m sure him and his team are discussing what happened and sometimes you just need to step away from it all and try and be as objective as possible. It didn’t go his way and he needs some time away to figure out what’s going on.”- he continued.

Xander Schauffele stresses it's difficult to watch McIlroy's defeat from a personal perspective, considering everyone has a different mindset, which also means everyone views their goals, failures, and the importance of specific tournaments differently. Rory McIlroy has been a major figure in the golf scene for years, possessing truly top qualities. 

Every Major draws the most attention towards him, as everyone expects him to finally lift the Major trophy after many years. Schauffele highlighted that Rory is under a microscope, and when things don't go as planned, people are ready to openly criticize him, sometimes using hurtful words. 

McIlroy likely didn't want to engage with the media for this reason, aware of the questions that awaited him. The 35-year-old is clearly tired of the same scenarios year after year.

“It’s different for everyone. It’s hard for me to compare my losses to his losses,” Schauffele continued.

“I would say he’s under a bit more of a microscope. When things are going really well people are all over him, and unfortunately when things don’t go your way people are all over him.

So, there’s a microscope on him on why he didn’t win and he’s going to have to answer those questions at some point and he will, because he always does.”- he concluded.

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport

Rory McIlroy is now even more under the microscope, as everyone wants to share their opinion about his performance. Fans often aren't realistic and don't consider things from multiple perspectives. The Northern Irishman is under immense pressure, which was evident in the final moments of the last round. McIlroy was visibly tense, and his body language revealed a lot.

The 35-year-old is preparing for the next challenge in his career, which will be the Scottish Open on July 11. Focusing on the defeat is the last thing McIlroy should do right now. Instead, he should forget about this as soon as possible and believe that he can finally achieve his goal in the coming years.

Xander Schauffele and the Olympics in Paris

Schauffele will compete in the Olympics in Paris, where he will defend his gold medal from Tokyo. This amazing golfer emphasized that being part of this spectacle is a special thing, ready to achieve great results again. Xander admitted that it is a huge honor to represent his country at such a major tournament. With excellent results and performances week after week, he secured his place in the team. We will see how much Schauffele can deliver at the Olympics.

Although golf fans often downplay the Olympics, considering that golf was absent from the grand event for many years until 2016, popular golfers acknowledge the importance of the Olympics. Representing their country on a big stage is a dream for every athlete, and winning a medal is likely the pinnacle of their career. Xander has no doubt that he is ready to repeat his success and impress the nation. Despite the fierce competition with many popular names, Schauffele is prepared to take a big step and achieve success.

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