Nelly Korda excited to try croissants in France ahead of another Olympics

“Representing my country and getting to compete in the Olympics is such an incredible opportunity.“

by Sead Dedovic
Nelly Korda excited to try croissants in France ahead of another Olympics
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The Olympics in Paris will attract enormous attention this year, just like the previous ones. Although a few years ago, golf fans and golfers did not give much importance to this sport when it came to the Olympics, it seems that attitudes and opinions are slowly changing. Since golf had not been part of the Olympics for 112 years, the passion and desire among some to play there had diminished. In 2016, golf returned for the first time and was played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This delighted many fans of the sport, who eagerly awaited the performances of their favorites despite the skepticism.

Now, eight years later, golfers are increasingly emphasizing the honor of playing in the Olympics and representing their country. Currently, the leading figure in women's golf, who seems unstoppable, Nelly Korda, spoke about her impressions of Paris and the Olympics ahead of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Korda will, of course, compete in Paris and represent the USA on the big stage. The 25-year-old could not hide her excitement, ready to conquer the competition and win a medal.

“Representing my country and getting to compete in the Olympics is such an incredible opportunity. I’m just super excited to get there and even just to play that golf course. I got to watch it in [2018] Ryder Cup. To be able to play such amazing golf courses like we do nowadays will be such a treat.”- she said, as quoted by NBC Sports.

The 25-year-old golfer admitted that she has never been to Paris, and her biggest wish is to try croissants on every corner, especially since she is a big fan of bakeries. Paris is a major European city that can offer a lot to a young person like her, and we have no doubt that Korda will have a fantastic experience in the French capital.

“I have never been to Paris, and the one thing I’m really looking forward to is the croissants probably on every corner. I love bakeries and baked goods, so that’s one thing I’m really looking forward to.”-Korda continued.

Nelly Korda
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After a series of successful tournaments where she secured six victories, Korda was less successful at the US Women's Open and the Meijer LPGA Classic, as she missed the cut. Golf is such a sport that it is hard to predict what lies ahead, and keeping pace amid so many great golfers is challenging. Korda is a young golfer, but she knows that maintaining rhythm is tough and that such days in golf are entirely normal. 

The KPMG Women's PGA Championship will represent an important challenge for her. The purse for this tournament is $10,400,000, which is a huge motivation for everyone. Last year's winner of this tournament was the Chinese golfer Ruoning Yin. 

Korda reflected on her somewhat poorer form in the last two tournaments, noting that it is sometimes hard to get used to poor performances, but that is also why she respects golf, knowing that there will be many ups and downs in her career.

“I’m going to go through these situations so many times where I feel like I’m playing really well and I’ll go through a little lull where golf is the hardest thing in my life right now. So that’s I feel like what grows myself as a person and what makes me appreciate the sport so much and makes me appreciate the wins and the highs and good shots, the crowds out there as well.”- she said.

Nelly Korda talks about the pressure

Korda stresses that pressure is a privilege and something she can control. She explains that while it's possible to listen to external opinions, ultimately, pressure can be seen positively as a sign that she is performing well.

When you're such an outstanding golfer, it's natural for people to have high expectations of you, and to feel pressure from tournament to tournament. The best athletes in the world, in addition to their skill, are also the best at handling pressure.

Her plan for the week is to stay focused and confident in her abilities. Korda acknowledges the difficulty of the golf course and emphasizes that adding more pressure on herself would only make it tougher. Therefore, she intends to concentrate on executing her shots and keeping her confidence.

It remains for us to be patient and see how much this young golfer can do this week, and whether her form will start to rise again. It will also be interesting to follow her at the Olympics in Paris since she is the main favorite to win.

The 25-year-old is calm for now and ready for new challenges.

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