Jon Rahm is frustrated with the golf commentator's remark after McIlroy missed a putt

“One of the things that absolutely burned me, and I think it was Smylie who said it, he severely underplayed how difficult Rory's putt on 18 was.“

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm is frustrated with the golf commentator's remark after McIlroy missed a putt
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Jon Rahm is one of the golfers who did not compete in this year's US Open due to an injury that caused him huge problems. Although many expected the Spaniard to appear on the big stage and achieve success, Rahm had to withdraw. However, this did not mean that Jon Rahm did not watch the competition at all. He followed the tournament from home from the first day, having his favorites and enjoying the performances of his colleagues.

The 29-year-old Spaniard, in a media interview, reflected on another edition of the US Open, where his fellow player from LIV Golf, Bryson DeChambeau, clinched victory. The luck factor was missing for Rory McIlroy, who failed to capitalize on his chances and win the competition. 

A particularly interesting moment was when a Northern Irishman missed a short putt on the 18th, which ultimately decided the outcome. Rahm commented on that moment, somewhat frustrated with the TV coverage and individual comments that underestimated how tough a job Rory McIlroy had. Rahm, as a golfer with many tournaments behind him, revealed that it wasn't such an easy task for McIlroy.

“One of the things that absolutely burned me, and I think it was Smylie who said it, he severely underplayed how difficult Rory's putt on 18 was. When he said it's a left-center putt, if you hit that putt left-center and miss the hole, you're off the green because of how much slope there is.“- Jon Rahm said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

The Spaniard emphasized that anyone who has played golf on a golf course knows that executing such a shot is challenging and 
doesn't look as easy as it seems on TV. However, Rahm is aware of the job that TV reporters have and that they must provide certain commentary.

“You could see Rory aiming at least a cup left from three feet. They severely underplayed how difficult that putt was. Severely.

I think that can happen a few times where unless you've been there on the golf course and you're playing it or you've played it, it's hard to truly explain how difficult the golf course can be, and a lot of times they only have those five seconds to say something quickly, so I also don't blame them.”- he continued.

Despite McIlroy missing a putt, much of the outcome rested on DeChambeau's shoulders as he had to do something outstanding to claim the title. Bryson's phenomenal bunker shot ultimately decided who would take the crown. Bryson highlighted that he was thrilled with himself, emphasizing that it was the best shot of his career. Jon Rahm also shared a similar opinion, considering that DeChambeau did an excellent job. To be under pressure, just a few steps away from the title, and make such a move is truly impressive.

“If it's not the best up-and-down to win a Major ever made, it's got to be top 3, maybe up there with Tom Watson's chip-in at Pebble on 16, Phil's up-and-down at Baltusrol on 18. There's obviously going to be a few others like Tiger's chip-in at Augusta. But on 18, having to do it to actually win the tournament has got to be one of the best.”- Jon Rahm said.

Rory McIlroy
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Jon Rahm's injury

Jon Rahm is currently recovering from an injury, and it seems he will soon return to the golf course. The Spaniard admitted to having fears about infection, causing him to take preventive action to avoid things getting worse. In any case, it's better to miss a couple of tournaments and come back in proper form than to create a bigger problem for himself and miss a larger part of the season. Rahm thought carefully, trying to minimize the consequences.

The 29-year-old confirmed that the wound is still there but that he is coping with the pain. His primary focus is on resting, waiting for the wound to heal properly, and returning to the sport he loves most. Soon, a new challenge will follow for Jon Rahm, who does not want to put huge pressure on himself. The Spaniard is one of the most attractive and best golfers in the world. The previous season was the best proof of that. Since joining LIV Golf, he hasn't particularly impressed, but we have no doubt that Rahm will show his best in the coming period.

It will be interesting to see what will happen between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour and whether both Tours will reach a final agreement. It will be important for both sides to be open to negotiations and make a decision that is best for the fans of this sport.

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