Xander Schauffele reveals why he promotes himself through YouTube

"I mean, [shooting content with BDS and Good Good] is brought to me by my team."

by Sead Dedovic
Xander Schauffele reveals why he promotes himself through YouTube
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The Player Impact Program was created in 2020-2021 with the goal of increasing the popularity of the PGA Tour and attracting additional attention to the premier golf tour. It was designed to reward players who have a huge impact on the PGA Tour business by increasing ticket sales, attracting fans, and influencing sponsorship. Last year's winner was Rory McIlroy, who earned a $15 million prize, while his colleague Tiger Woods finished second with a $12 million prize. 

Some golfers this year have decided to change their previous philosophies and focus more on promoting themselves through media and social media. 

One of them is Xander Schauffele

Although known as a golfer who doesn't seek huge attention, the prize he could win likely motivated him to increase his presence on social media. This great golfer has become part of Good Good and Bob Does Sports content. Ahead of another appearance at the Travelers Championship this time, Schauffele reflected on creating content with BDS and Good Good. Xander admitted that the PIP was probably the main motivator for this move, but his team also had an influence on the decision to participate in such content.

"I mean, [shooting content with BDS and Good Good] is brought to me by my team. I’m not super big on social media, to be completely honest, but we have a thing called the PIP and it’s important to participate in things like YouTube and other things of that nature to keep your relevance."- he said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Schauffele also made sure to mention Scottie Scheffler, who has been shining this season with several tournament victories. Schauffele likely joked, confirming that this is one of the ways he wants to earn money. Schauffele is happy with his collaboration with Good Good and Bob Does Sports, considering them great people to work with. Their content attracts attention, and fans are thrilled with this project and Schauffele's appearances. Such content benefits all parties involved, so we have no doubt that we will see Schauffele more frequently on YouTube.

"You either do the Scottie Scheffler route and you win every tournament you play in or you got to sprinkle in some YouTube stuff every once in a while."-he continued.

Of course, Xander Schauffele will not neglect the more important part of his life: his golf career. His next challenge is the Travelers Championship, where this brilliant golfer enters with serious ambitions to conquer the competition. Scheffler is in fantastic form, and his recent victory at the PGA Championship speaks volumes about his abilities. Xander has no intention of stopping there; he is ready to win the tournaments ahead of him.

Schauffele managed to achieve victory at the PGA Championship a month ago, finally securing his first Major title in his career. Despite some labeling him with various tags, suggesting he wasn't among the top golfers due to his lack of Majors, Schauffele has consistently proven such critics wrong. Following the conclusion of the PGA Championship, Xander admitted how emotional it was to win this competition. The focus he had from day one was a guarantee that he would succeed.

"I was actually kind of emotional after the putt lipped in. It's been a while since I've won, and I really just kept saying it all week, I just need to stay in my lane. Man, was it hard to stay in my lane today. I tried all day to just keep focus on what I'm trying to do and keep every hole ahead of me. Had some weird kind of breaks coming into the [club]house, but it's all good now."-Schauffele said.

Xander Schauffele on Rory McIlroy and US Open

Rory McIlroy knows the pressure of trying to win a Major all too well. Despite having won three Majors in his career, the pressure on him has been immense, especially considering that the Northern Irishman hasn't won a Major in ten years. Xander Schauffele understands this feeling, but he has finally lifted that curse off himself. Schauffele commented on McIlroy's performance at the last US Open, emphasizing that every golfer experiences highs and lows. Finding yourself in such a position is not easy, especially when you are so close to victory.

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Alex Slitz/Getty Images Sport

Schauffele is a golfer who seeks solutions immediately after failure, so he has no doubt that McIlroy will also consider all factors, raise his form, and win a Major again.

The performances of these two golfers are always interesting to watch, so we will look forward to what they have to offer us in the coming months, especially McIlroy, who has to get up now in moments when he probably feels very low.

Xander Schauffele