Wyndham Clark rates Olympic golf above prestigious Ryder Cup

Clark has high expectations for his teammates on the US team, believing they have the potential to achieve great things.

by Sead Dedovic
Wyndham Clark rates Olympic golf above prestigious Ryder Cup
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Considering that we are close to the Olympics, rumors are already circulating about who might play in the biggest golf event. Although some golfers are not particularly motivated to compete in this event, especially since golf was not part of the Olympics for many years, PGA Tour star Wyndham Clark is happy because he will be one of those who will participate. 

Alongside him, there will be names like Collin Morikawa, Scottie Scheffler, and Xander Schauffele. In an interview with the media, Clark expressed his excitement about having the chance to represent the US at such a major event, stating that competing in the Olympics is more important than the Ryder Cup.

"The Ryder Cup in golf is kind of the biggest thing," he said, as quoted by Golf Magic. 

"But now that golf's in the Olympics, it's probably even bigger than that, because you're representing your country at such a bigger level."

Clark has high expectations for his teammates on the US team, believing they have the potential to achieve great things and bring medals to the US. Clark is excited about this experience, considering that he is part of a great team. Given the names that will represent the US, it is logical to have high expectations, as they are the best golfers in the world at the moment.

Wyndham Clark
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"Hopefully, all four of us can go and try to snag some podium spots and give medals to the U.S. to try to win that total medal count. 

But, yeah, it's pretty awesome. This probably ranks as the coolest team I've ever made, for sure."- he continued.

Clark revealed whether he feels the pressure, given the importance of the Olympics and the names he will be playing alongside. For him, the most important thing is that he secured a spot on the team, considering how challenging it is to be part of the US team alongside such big names. Clark doesn't want to think about his current ranking at all; he is ready to give his best at the Olympics.

 "No, but it is a nice weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I made the team versus feeling like if I was trying to hold on in any regards. So now that I made it, it doesn't matter if you're the No. 1 guy or the 4th guy, as long as you make the team. So it's pretty awesome that I finally made it."- he continued.

Clark hasn't particularly impressed lately. This great golfer might need to change many things about his game if he truly wants to achieve success. However, Wyndham is ready to turn a new leaf and head in the right direction, aware that he possesses the necessary qualities.

Xander Schauffele reacts: It's always an honor to represent your country

Xander Schauffele, a golfer who has also been brilliant lately, managed to secure a spot on the team. His form has been impressive this season, especially with his first Major win: the PGA Championship. Schauffele reflected on the fact that he will represent the US at the Olympics, considering it a special feeling and an honor. He already played in Tokyo in 2020, so he recalled those moments.

“It's super special – it's always an honor to represent your country in any given tournament or event, so it was really cool to share this with my family, the history and what the Olympics mean to my Dad, after winning the gold medal,” Schauffele said.

Xander Schauffele
Xander Schauffele© Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport

Schauffele revealed that his goal at the beginning of the season was to secure a spot in the Olympics. He succeeded in achieving his goal, which will give him enormous motivation for the rest of the season.

Xander admitted that it is exciting to represent his country on such a big stage. Schauffele does not want to focus too much on critics who argue that golf and the Olympics are not compatible, and that success in the Olympics is not important. He holds a completely different opinion, considering it a great honor to bring the Olympics to his country. Schauffele wants to be remembered in his country's history as someone who managed to bring home a medal. We will see if he ultimately succeeds in that.

“Playing for your country is always extremely exciting and it will be pretty surreal doing it on the Olympic stage. It’s also good bragging rights for people that tell me golf is not a sport – I can say it’s an Olympic sport,” he says, with a laugh.“-Scheffler said

This year's Olympics will bring us a lot. Our main focus will, of course, be on golf, hoping for great performances.

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