Lee Westwood on LIV and PGA Tour divide: Only one loser

Westwood believes that the world's best golfers should compete in the same tournaments.

by Sead Dedovic
Lee Westwood on LIV and PGA Tour divide: Only one loser
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LIV golfer Lee Westwood will have the opportunity to compete in the US Senior Open, presenting a great chance for success. He had to wait a year to compete here due to restrictions regarding LIV golfers. During a press conference ahead of another appearance, Westwood commented on the current state of golf worldwide, which disappoints many. 

Negotiations between PIF and the PGA Tour have been going on for a long time, and it seems we will wait a long time for a final agreement. Westwood believes that the world's best golfers should compete in the same tournaments to maintain the quality of the game, which surely doesn't satisfy fans. He wants a solution to be found as soon as possible.

“Yeah, no matter what the level of golf is, I think if the best players at every level don't come together and play, there's only one loser, and that's the fans watching. We need to somehow figure a way that we can get the best players playing against each other more often.”-Westwood said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Richard Bland will also be part of the tournament, and Westwood believes that the majority is in favor of such an option, the possibility of him and Richard playing. He referred to the Majors played in previous years, emphasizing that fans were open to watching DeChambeau, Cameron Smith, or Jon Rahm, great names who once played on the PGA Tour. All three are now part of LIV Golf, and fans certainly still want to watch them at major competitions.

“The consensus of opinion of everybody that I talked to said it's great to see myself and Richard playing here,” he said. “I think, when you look at the US Open two weeks ago or the Masters or the PGA Championship, people are happy to see Bryson or Cam or Jon Rahm coming and playing in those big events.“

Lee Westwood
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Looking back over the years, except for the last two years, we had the opportunity to witness big competitions with great names. Of course, even now we witness the appearance of famous names at the Majors, but individuals who were once one of the holders of the PGA Tour decided to join LIV Golf. In the last two years, several famous names could not perform at the Majors. Westwood stresses that golf will become the same sport only when the best golfers are in one place.

“It's basically getting all the best players together in one tournament to compete against each other, and that's what you want at the highest level. You want all the best players there.”- he said.

He put an accent on the Champions Tour, where players like himself have built relationships with fans over decades. Westwood stresses it's crucial for fans to continue seeing familiar faces alongside appearing talents in golf. He mentioned Padraig Harrington's recent performances as proof that veteran players still contribute to the entertainment value of the sport. There are many famous names in the world of golf who are over 50 years old.

Ultimately, Westwood sees golf as an entertainment industry, and he appreciates efforts by organizations like the USGA, PGA of America, and the R&A to foster greater collaboration across different tours. 

The experienced golfer was great at his last appearance at LIV Nashville, finishing third. He points out that this is the best result of his season, which will certainly give him additional motivation for what follows. In many moments this season, Lee did not excel, but the last tournament gives optimism that he can go in the right direction. Westwood expects the best from himself, but his priority is for golf to become the sport it once was, with the best names under one roof.

U.S. Senior Open

The U.S. Senior Open is one of the five major championships in senior golf, dating back to the 1980s. The age limit for participation in this competition is 50 years, and it attracts major names from the world of golf. The most recent winner of this tournament was Bernhard Langer, a German who performed extremely well last year at Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 

Previously, Padraig Harrington won in 2022 and Jim Furyk won in 2021. The greatest success in this competition belongs to Miller Barber, who won three times (1982, 1984, 1985). Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player both have two victories each. Langer, the latest champion, has won twice, in 2010 and 2023. This year promises to be exciting, and we will see who can achieve the most.

Westwood will attract a lot of attention. Golf fans, especially the older ones, are familiar with his qualities, aware that Westwood can make a great result. It will be interesting to follow him.

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