Tom Kim reflected on his battle with Scheffler ahead of the Rocket Mortgage Classic

“Scottie and I both beat the field by two, which is, I think, really hard to do at this level, considering the depth of field,” Kim said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tom Kim reflected on his battle with Scheffler ahead of the Rocket Mortgage Classic
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Tom Kim had a great chance to achieve a huge victory in his career when he found himself neck and neck with Scottie Scheffler, but the older and more experienced American secured his sixth career win. Kim was, of course, frustrated, aware of the great opportunity, but unfortunately, he couldn't finish the day with the trophy in his hand. 

Golf is such a sport that you don't have much time to reflect on the previous tournaments, considering the Rocket Mortgage Classic is already on the calendar. 

The South Korean will try to replicate his success, or at least achieve a similar result. Kim is a favorite heading into this tournament. Before this tournament, he reflected on his performance at the Travelers, having only words of praise for Scheffler.

Scottie and I both beat the field by two, which is, I think, really hard to do at this level, considering the depth of field,” Kim said, as quoted by SB Nation.

“Playing for a trophy with one of my closest friends—it’s never happened for me before—so to share that experience with him was really cool.”

The goal of every golfer is to go to the very end and lift the trophy, even when it seems impossible. Kim pointed out that his goals are to win, and the main reason why he plays this sport. Kim stresses that Scheffler is one of the best golfers in the world, and playing against him is a huge challenge.

“Victories are so much fun, that’s why you play golf, to lift up some trophies, but when you play really well, and you finish second to the top-ranked golfer in the world, but as much as golf I play with him and as close as I am with him, he’s still really, really good,” Kim said.

Scottie Scheffler wins Memorial (2024)
Scottie Scheffler wins Memorial (2024)© Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport

Kim is not a golfer with extensive experience playing in major tournaments. Playing in such a tournament alongside big names is always a massive thing. Kim is still analyzing his performance, considering that he played a great match. Naturally, he remains frustrated, knowing that one shot could have resolved many things and brought him victory. 

Golf is a ruthless sport where mistakes are costly, especially when you play alongside big names like Scheffler. The 27-year-old American seized the opportunity, showed his strength when it mattered most, and once again proved to the world that he is currently the best.

“For me to be able to extend it to a playoff and to experience that depth of field of playing my best golf and to see that, man, like, I played really well. I had 24 birdies and two bogeys, and the two bogeys came from two three-putts. Man, if I could save one of those shots, I’d win the golf tournament by one.”- he continued.

Kim explained that there is much to gain from weeks like that. He said it was a positive week, but emphasized the importance of always looking for ways to improve. By learning from such experiences, he believes you can consistently have good weeks, accumulate successes, and eventually win big golf tournaments.

The young golfer made many people laugh by saying that he wished he was the one who won the tournament, despite how much he respects and admires Scheffler. He is happy, however, that he lost to a colleague and a person for whom he has nothing but praise. Scheffler also complimented Kim, considering him a great talent and a golfer with a bright future ahead

“As much as I love him, I would have loved to take that away from him. But I’m happy for him, and after I tapped out, after he tapped out, he said some really nice words and it meant a lot to me.”

Rocket Mortgage Classic

The Rocket Mortgage Classic is a professional golf tournament held at Detroit Golf Club. This tournament doesn't have a long history, as it has only been played for five years. The first edition was won by Nate Lashley, followed by Bryson DeChambeau the next year. 

Cameron Davis won in 2021, Tony Finau claimed victory the year after, and Rickie Fowler is the most recent winner. 

Kim is a great player, but he lacks experience in tournaments like this. All he can hope for is to stay focused and prepared, just like in the previous tournament. It's clear he has the potential for great achievements and victories, but he will have to prove it on the golf course. Expectations are high for him, many are eagerly watching his development. He is expected to become a headline-making golfer in a few years.

Tom Kim