Seth Waugh prepares for new role following departure as PGA of America CEO

“I am proud of all that we have accomplished for our more than 30,000 members and the game.“ Waugh said.

by Sead Dedovic
Seth Waugh prepares for new role following departure as PGA of America CEO
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Seth Waugh, an interesting figure in the golf scene for years, has made an interesting decision. Namely, this 66-year-old has decided to step down as PGA of America CEO after his contract expires on June 30. Waugh has been in this role for six years and has faced a lot of challenges, especially following the creation of LIV Golf. 

While some expected this to mark the end of his involvement in golf, Waugh confirmed that he will not be leaving the organization but will instead take on another role as a Senior Advisor. Waugh stated that the leadership of the PGA Tour has long been aware that he would not renew his contract but that he will continue his journey in golf as a Senior Advisor. Being part of the PGA of America as CEO is a huge deal, and Waugh is happy about the opportunity presented to him.

"I recently informed the board that I would not be renewing my contract that is set to expire on June 30, but am honored to continue to serve the association as a Senior Advisor. It has been an absolute privilege and honor to serve as the CEO of the PGA of America for the past six years."- Seth Waugh said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Although many believe that such a position brings only prestige and the ability to make important decisions, many challenges need to be faced. The arrival of LIV Golf has changed plans for many golf organization leaders, who had to adapt and navigate the chaos in the golf scene. Waugh, however, reflected on the brighter moments, emphasizing that they have achieved a lot in this short period. He acknowledged the joy of working live with colleagues and board members to move golf in a positive direction. Waugh is passionate about this sport, a feeling he has demonstrated countless times. His love for golf surpasses everything else.

“I am proud of all that we have accomplished for our more than 30,000 members and the game. I have enjoyed every moment serving alongside all of my colleagues, all the various officers and board members and getting to know so many of our dedicated members who are on the front line of the game that we love every day of the year.“- he continued.

Seth Waugh
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Seth Waugh: The day-to-day game has never been stronger

Although some may not be sure about golf's current position, looking at the developments over the past two years, Waugh believes that golf has never been stronger and has great prospects for the future. His intention upon assuming this position was to leave the golf scene in a better place than when he arrived. Despite all the chaos, Waugh aims to foster optimism, believing that even brighter days are ahead of us.

"The day-to-day game has never been stronger, more beloved or better positioned for the future because of their passion and how we have all worked together to make millions of lives better through our remarkable sport. The goal from the start was to leave the room better than we found it and I believe that together we have done just that.”- he said.

PGA of America President John Lindert reacts 

Waugh is a persona that has enormous respect from colleagues, but also from golfers. Meanwhile, PGA of America President John Lindert mentioned Waugh in superlatives, thanking Waugh for his leadership and all that he offered to members and people. Seth is a man with experience in business, and his moves were designed to help the PGA of America and golf in general. Lindert stresses that Waugh did the job as well as he could, leading them in the right direction during difficult times. In addition, with the experience he had, he helped many people around him and showed that he is a great man.

In the past few years, Waugh has shown the richness of his thinking and attitudes, often impressing everyone around him. Sometimes he probably wanted to make unpopular decisions, which would probably benefit golfers and leaders in the golf world. Waugh always looked at what was important to do for golf to progress day by day. 

Golf, like all sports, tends to progress, and people like Waugh are one of the reasons why we hope for positive things in the future when it comes to golf. Merger is certainly the first thing that comes to everyone's mind, but the question is whether the final agreement between PIF and the PGA Tour will be reached soon.

As fans of this sport, we cannot do too much in this direction, but we can believe that the world of golf will experience a renaissance and make everyone happy.