Padraig Harrington's perspective on Tiger Woods' Signature exemptions

Tiger Woods had every right to be happy with the PGA Tour leaders moves

by Sead Dedovic
Padraig Harrington's perspective on Tiger Woods' Signature exemptions
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Padraig Harrington entered another tournament with huge ambitions, this time the U.S. Senior Open, hoping for a positive outcome. After competing in the Dick's Sporting Goods Open, Harrington secured a victory, and he aims to carry that momentum into the important challenge ahead. 

In discussions with reporters, Harrington emphasized that he doesn't know if he can maintain his great form at the U.S. Senior Open. Playing in these two tournaments is a big difference, but Harrington focused on the wind, hoping it would be there. He has a strategy created for this golf course, fully aware of what needs to be done.

“I don’t know. It’s a different style of golf course for sure this week. I think you’re going to have a certain amount of wind this week. You’ve got to try to keep the ball as low as you can most of the week.“- Padraig Harrington said, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

Harrington is a man who has been on the golf scene for years, aware of what he must do to achieve victory. Golf is an unpredictable sport, just like any other, so having expectations or discussing them can sometimes be redundant. Tournaments feature a large number of brilliant golfers. For this reason, Harrington doesn't know what conclusion to draw. He believes that the right mindset is the only weapon that can help him at this moment. Although it will be tough, Padraig hopes for a positive outcome.

“Yeah, you really couldn’t compare the two golf courses at all. Different style. This week is, like every tournament, you’re trying to get your routines and your mental game right, get it going into the event, so that you’re sharp from Thursday morning.

Hopefully during the tournament everything builds and gets better all the way to Sunday afternoon. You just want to give yourself a chance with nine holes to go.”-Harrington  said.

Padraig Harrington on Tiger Woods and Signature Events exemption

It's also interesting that one of the topics was the brilliant Tiger Woods, a golfer who attracts attention for various reasons. This time, the reason was the Signature Events exemption for Tiger Woods. Specifically, the PGA Tour changed its policy, extending invitations to anyone with over 80 PGA Tour victories. Woods is one of the record holders in this regard. 

Reactions to this decision by the PGA Tour are mixed. While Woods is a golfer who has achieved massive success in the golf scene, some still disagree with this move, believing that Tiger doesn't deserve such an opportunity. 

Padraig Harrington, a man who knows Woods well, responded to such criticism. The Irish golfer stresses that Woods has earned this chance for many reasons. At 52 years old, Harrington is aware of Woods' stature in the world of golf and what having such a golfer present at tournaments represents. PGA Tour leaders understood what Woods brings with him and didn't have much hesitation about this decision.

“He’s earned it. He’s earned it ten times over. He’s earned it with every part — yeah, his play, even his current standing, everything. He’s well good enough. Yeah, 100 percent behind that. The TOUR has to operate and have enough leeway to make sure that they could make decisions like that, and it was definitely the correct decision.

There’s plenty of other people at other times, I’m sure, but he has definitely earned it at this particular time, no doubt about it. Delighted to see that.”-Harrington said.

Tiger Woods is grateful for this opportunity, as he wants to take advantage of it. Although we will hardly ever see the old Woods, without injury, his presence will definitely be important. Woods' injuries, and the age factor plays an important role, but every era has its end, including Woods's.

Tiger Woods
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In the conversation, Harrington again referred to the US Open, considering that fans believe luck will be an important factor in who will emerge as a winner. Harrington points out that luck can be an important factor, as it often determines the victories of some golfers. One move and not being lucky can be decisive in who will win. Harrington hopes and expects that he will be lucky this time.

“It’s never a burden to carry an amount of luck. Every tournament I’ve ever won, every tournament anyone has ever won, luck has been on their side. In many ways. It’s not just you getting a good break, it could be you not getting a bad break, and you don’t even notice it.“- he said.

The 52-year-old Irishman will attract a lot of attention, and the importance of this tournament will attract golf fans. Harrington doesn't want to think too much, hoping for the best.

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