Colin Montgomerie is depressed about one thing in golf: it used to be different

Colin Montgomerie is always an interesting face of the golf scene, and a man who left a huge mark in the world of golf.

by Sead Dedovic
Colin Montgomerie is depressed about one thing in golf: it used to be different
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Colin Montgomerie is a golfer with immense experience and someone who has made history in the sport. The 61-year-old Scot has had the opportunity to be part of both the European Tour and the PGA Tour during his career. Throughout his appearances on both Tours, he achieved great results and demonstrated that he is a golfer deserving of great respect. 

The fact is that the DP World Tour has significantly weakened in recent years, as the European Tour has allowed many golfers to compete in other Tours. Recently, some have taken a different path, joining LIV Golf. 

In an interview with the media, Montgomerie expressed that he feels depressed watching this situation. As someone who competed on this Tour and achieved success, he admitted that the DP World Tour (European Tour) has considerably weakened recently. Although some try to deny such claims, the Scot believes that it is pointless to deny the obvious, as the situation is clear

"Yeah, I'm getting quite depressed now, as I speak on behalf of my old tour, the European Tour. Yes, it's weakened; there's no denying it. You can paint it up as much as you want. You could paint it rose-tinted, whatever you want to do, but come on. [In] any business [if] you give away your top 10?"- Montgomerie said, as quoted by MIRROR.

Colin Montgomerie plays the Walker Cup on the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, England in 1987
Colin Montgomerie plays the Walker Cup on the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, England in 1987© Getty Images

Montgomerie is grateful to the PGA Tour and the leaders of this Tour because they listened to the European players who wanted to come to the big stage. Although there are many talented golfers in the USA, it is also a fact that Europe produces many talents from year to year, and currently the most famous European name in the world of golf is certainly Rory McIlroy.

"Top 10 in your business every year is going to be weaker, isn't it? So [it's] great for the PGA Tour; I can't believe they accepted it, to be honest, because they're taking spots away from Americans, but good on them to get them. Unfortunately, Europe, Europe has suffered, and the European Tour will suffer because of it."- he continued.

Recently, there are more and more young European golfers, and especially interesting names for golf fans are Viktor Hovland and Ludvig Aberg. Their careers promise that this duo will make a dizzying success in the coming years.They are already one of the best golfers, and what we can expect in the coming years remains to be seen. However, you should not put pressure on this duo, considering that such pressure can create huge problems for golfers. Such examples are known to us in the past.

The Scot recalled his career on the European Tour and the fact that he played against Faldo, Langer, Olazabal, Seve, Woosnam and Lyle. He points out that things are much different now, and that the sport has weakened since that moment. The European Tour doesn't produce as many players as it used to, but no one doubts that there is a wealth of talent on this Tour.

Colin Montgomerie's biography

Colin Montgomerie is also known as the golfer with the most victories on the European Tour, having won eight titles. Additionally, the Scot was named Golfer of the Year on this Tour four times, a record he holds jointly with Lee Westwood. The 61-year-old began his professional career back in 1988. 

He achieved his first victory at the Portuguese Open TPC by 11 shots. The Scot also reached the top 10 for the first time in 1994 and has made rapid progress since then. His highest ranking is second place, and it remains a regret that he never finished as the leading golfer. 

Regarding Majors, Colin had a tough fate, as he finished second in three Majors without ever winning one: the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open, and The Open Championship. His best result at the Masters was a T8 finish.

The Scot said in an interview last month that he does not regret never winning a Major.

"Not really, I have no regrets. You know, I mean, if I was to say, when I started out this thing that I’d end up being in the Hall of Fame, you know, well that says it’s been a fantastic career. I just didn’t get fortunate at the very right time. Now that’s fortune on me doing something particularly good."- he said.

The American is someone who has often promoted the interests of the European Tour, wanting the DP World Tour to progress day by day. He is currently part of the PGA Tour Championships where he is also trying to leave a huge mark.

Colin Montgomerie