Marcel Siem turns a new page in his career: No more partying to throw this away

Marcel Siem, a well-known name in the world of golf, is motivated to make a big impact at the Open Championship in a few weeks.

by Sead Dedovic
Marcel Siem turns a new page in his career: No more partying to throw this away
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Many in the golf world decide to make changes in their late playing years, or suddenly experience a career renaissance. Their examples show that it is never too late for changes, or to turn a new leaf in your career. We have one example of that.

Marcel Siem, a well-known name in the world of golf, is motivated to make a big impact at the Open Championship in a few weeks. The German seems motivated to achieve great things in his later years and even secure a spot on the Ryder Cup team. It will be a tough task requiring a lot, but Siem is confident in his abilities. 

He turned professional at the age of 20 in the early 2000s and has been playing on the big stage for 24 years. 

In an interview with Sky Sports, this brilliant golfer discussed his plans for the near future, aiming to compete in major events. He will participate in numerous tournaments to secure a spot in the top 50 in the world and represent Europe in the Ryder Cup next year. Siem has never played in the Masters, which is a big dream of his.

"The big plan is to perform better in the big events now, which I have not achieved ever in my life. The Rolex events, the majors, the big ones - that is the only way to get into the top 50 in the world, get into the Ryder Cup and qualify for The Masters."- he said.

Marcel Siem
Marcel Siem© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

The experienced German does not want to make the mistakes he made in the past and has no intention to party. He is fully focused on the challenges ahead, ready to give his maximum effort. After finishing The Open, he is prepared to party and potentially celebrate a great result. His focus is now on hard work, knowing that success is difficult to achieve without it.

"That is my big goal going to the Scottish Open and The Open. I will not throw this away with partying anymore. I have three or four weeks off after The Open and this will be party time, trust me - massively, but these three weeks I'll be working hard."- he continued.

Siem revealed that he started a nutrition program, ready to change the diet system he used to have. The German realized that he needed to change some things in his life to progress as a golfer. He decided to joke and emphasize that his hangovers now last significantly longer.

"I just started a little nutrition program to concentrate more on proteins instead of carbs with my food. I started last Monday [before the Italian Open], so that worked out nicely! And to be honest, my hangovers last three days nowadays, so there's no point doing it anymore!"- he continued.

Marcel Siem and BMW International Open

Marcel Siem, a German, will compete in the BMW International Open, raising questions about whether he can sustain such a pace. Siem faces a brutal schedule ahead, and it won't be easy to confront all the challenges in the coming weeks. However, he doesn't appear overly concerned, believing in himself and confident that he can endure such a pace.

He stresses that managing event preparation alongside increased sponsor and media commitments will be exhausting. However, Siem remains resolute in his goal to capitalize on the rewards of potentially securing his second tour victory in two years. He expressed his readiness for the busy week ahead, emphasizing his intention to welcome the opportunities. 

Siem highlighted his current position in the European Swing rankings and his aspirations to win consecutive tournaments. He aims to stay focused, enjoy the moment with the fans, and promote a celebratory atmosphere centered around golf, rather than focusing on excessive partying. Partying brought him a lot of negativity in his career.

It seems that individuals mature with age and create a new perspective on life, including golf. Siem realized that a certain lifestyle did not bring him benefits in his career. Although some may say that he decided to change some things late, it is never too late for changes.

In his statements, the experienced golfer showed that despite the fact that he is in his 40s, his passion and desire for golf have not diminished at all. In fact, Siem seems to be more motivated than ever.

It is great to see such changes in a golfer, who shows that his love for golf is greater than anything else.

It will be interesting to follow his performances in big tournaments, and see what he can do in the coming weeks. Expectations are high, and Marcel does want to disappoint the fans from Germany. They place great hopes in him.