Sergio Garcia reveals reason for frustration after unsuccessful Open qualifications

"On a day like today, where the conditions are so tricky, you might need a little bit of extra time."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Garcia reveals reason for frustration after unsuccessful Open qualifications
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Sergio Garcia entered the qualifications for The Open with high expectations, hoping to compete in his 100th Major tournament. The Spaniard emphasized before the start of the qualifications how eager he was for success and how motivated he was to play in this Major. Despite expecting things to go ideally for him, Garcia, unfortunately, disappointingly ended his adventure.

Sergio Garcia wasn't happy about today, considering he won't be competing in the Open for another year. Officials weren't happy with his group and slow play, after which he made several bogeys that cost him the chance to compete. The Spaniard finished at three under after rounds of 71 and 70. In a media interview, Garcia addressed the main issue, blaming slow play. They faced a significant problem with people walking on the fairways.

"The marshalls were doing as good a job as they could do but we had to stop pretty much on every tee for two or three minutes because people were walking on the fairways," Garcia said, as reported by Golf Monthly.

Sergio Garcia: Unless we wanted to start hitting people, we couldn't hit

He stresses that the officials did not take many things into account when they sent them warnings, and Garcia is obviously frustrated by that. The conditions in which he played were tricky, and some extra time was needed for him. Garcia had several bogeys, which were crucial for him not to play in the big competition this year. The frustrations that the Spaniard feels are visible. Although he expected a slightly better performance and playing at the Majors, Garcia had to end the adventure early.

"Unless we wanted to start hitting people, we couldn't hit. I don't think they took that into account and that was unfortunate as it made us rush.

On a day like today, where the conditions are so tricky, you might need a little bit of extra time and because of that I made a couple of bogeys which might have cost me getting to Troon."-the Spaniard continued.

Sergio Garcia
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Sergio Garcia expressed his determination regarding his efforts to qualify for The Open. He mentioned his aspiration for The Open to be his 100th Major tournament, highlighting the importance he attaches to this achievement. However, he stressed the challenging conditions he faced during the qualification process, recognizing that despite his best efforts, things did not develop as he hoped. Garcia emphasized his commitment and effort, indicating that he gave his all in search of his goal, and feels happy knowing he did everything within his power to succeed.

Every golfer is happy when he does his best, knowing that he has tried everything possible. Garcia is a golfer who always gives his best. Golf is a sport where you never know what the day will bring, no matter how great you play.

Padraig Harrington vs Sergio Garcia

Garcia has often been unlucky in his career, as was the case 17 years ago when he was defeated by Padraig Harrington in the final round of The Open. Harrington was outstanding that day, demonstrating that no one posed a threat to him throughout the competition. Harrington emphasized that if he had lost to Garcia back then, it probably would have meant the end of his golf career. He believes he would have struggled to come back and remain a professional golfer. Defeat was the last thing on his mind, and Harrington contemplated all other possible outcomes.

"I never let myself think I had blown the Open,” said Harrington.

"If I had lost I would have struggled to come back out and be a professional golfer. It meant that much to me. It would have been incredibly hard to take. If I'd lost I don't know what I'd think about playing golf again."

As we mentioned, the Spaniard was open to success, willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goal, but unfortunately, his story ends here. Garcia, who isn't exactly a favorite figure in the world of golf, has been part of LIV Golf with the goal of playing his 100th Major, especially because of the fond memories he has of this tournament. 

He has received strong support from fans who have shown that they still respect his effort and desire to play. As a LIV Golfer, he will now need to focus on the next challenges. In the world of golf, it's important to accept fate as soon as possible and focus on what lies ahead. Garcia must not focus on this result. 

In just a few weeks, a new challenge awaits. The most important thing is for him to enter the upcoming tournaments with confidence, calmly expecting the best.

Sergio Garcia