Greg Norman on his LIV Golf role: No one has told me that I'm doing the wrong things

Greg Norman is convinced that many support the LIV Golf project, considering it a great option for the future.

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman on his LIV Golf role: No one has told me that I'm doing the wrong things
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Negotiations between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour continue, and it is still unclear whether a final agreement will be reached soon. One of the key figures since the creation of LIV Golf is Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, and a man who has made history in this sport. His involvement with LIV Golf did not particularly cause positive reactions. 

Norman has drawn the ire of fans since joining LIV Golf, but he still believes that golf fans love and respect him. 

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Norman touched on many topics and opened up about various aspects of his career, with a focus on developments related to LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. Greg Norman initially spoke about the early stages of LIV Golf, considering the LIV Golf project as great, with a clear vision and goals in the golf scene

“There was a lot of headwinds in the beginning because the monopolists really controlled the game on a global basis,” Norman told Bloomberg

“And we came along with a platform or a business model that could work side-by-side within the ecosystem.”

Greg Norman is convinced that many support the LIV Golf project, considering it a great option for the future. Despite witnessing a lot of criticism directed at Norman through social media, he believes things are not as they seem. The CEO of LIV Golf is confident in having strong backing, based on experiences and encounters he has had with people recently.

“Nowhere in my entire journey in the last three years since I’ve been CEO and commissioner [of LIV Golf] has someone come up to me and said, ‘What you are doing is wrong.’ And I think that’s a powerful enough testament of saying that our product is our product and our product is received with open arms by many.”- Greg Norman continued.

Greg Norman
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Greg Norman explained that despite facing opposition from a few individuals who aim to obstruct LIV Golf for reasons he views as misguided, he emphasized that these opponents have not managed to maintain their influence in the golf industry. Norman stressed that LIV Golf has successfully infused additional capital into the sport, which he believes has elevated golf's stature to that of an asset class, marking an important shift in how the sport is perceived.

Greg Norman on the first wave of golfers

LIV Golf CEO placed special emphasis on individuals who were among the first to join LIV Golf, aware of the criticism they would face. Despite that, they showed courage and readiness to venture into unknown waters. Norman noted that during that time, animosity towards LIV Golf was huge, even towards those who had built a name in the world of golf. 

Criticism towards them seemed even greater, given that fans were disappointed by the 'betrayal' of the PGA Tour. 

Greg Norman is confident that LIV Golf will become the number-one product in the future and take over the global golf scene. Since the creation of this Tour, its leaders have affirmed their intention to create a global brand that will capture the attention of all golf fans. 

Although things weren't ideal at the beginning, it seems that fans of the sport are slowly getting used to the fact that LIV Golf is here. A merger could also ease things for LIV Golf, as an association with the PGA Tour would likely provide both sides with greater perspective and prosperity.

Reactions to Greg Norman

Popular figures from the world of golf have openly stood against Norman many times so far, considering him the person who betrayed the industry in which he built his name and became a golfer worthy of attention. Norman does not see things from that perspective, believing that it is necessary to look at things from several angles and give a conclusion.

Greg Norman
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An experienced face of the golf scene is someone who promotes innovation and modernity in golf. Norman wants LIV Golf to become a product that differs from the PGA Tour, and a product that golf fans will love in the future.

The innovations presented by LIV Golf are not something that many people support, considering that they spoil the long-standing tradition of golf.

Norman, on the other hand, has a different understanding, believing that LIV Golf will improve over the years. He expects the fans to understand what a great project LIV Golf is, and what his intentions are in the world of golf.

It will be interesting to follow in which direction this project will go, and whether LIV Golf will gain more and more fans in the years ahead.

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