Jordan Spieth: It's been a patience test this year

Spieth has not secured a victory in two years, and his frustrations are palpable.

by Sead Dedovic
Jordan Spieth: It's been a patience test this year
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There are many interesting names in the world of golf that we remember for their brilliant performances and who are still part of the golf scene. Some of them have been going through a turbulent period in recent years, and one of them is certainly Jordan Spieth. The amazing American golfer has always attracted attention with his performances and qualities, especially when he emerged relatively young on the golf scene and began achieving impressive results.

His recent form has not been ideal, but Spieth is trying to maintain optimism, believing that things can look better for him soon.

Jordan Spieth left a great impression competing at the John Deere Classic, finishing with an 8-under-par 63 score. Spieth discussed his performance at the tournament in a media interview. The 30-year-old golfer emphasized some of his earlier performances that had captured the attention of golf fans. 

Spieth recalled the moment in 2013 when, still a teenager, he achieved his first PGA Tour victory at the John Deere Classic. Two years later, he triumphed again at the Valspar Championship. Spieth fondly remembers such moments, where he felt a sense of freedom and achieved great results. 

It has been 11 years since his first win, and things look quite different now. He intends to play every weekend, but Spieth is aware that it's not always feasible.

"It was kind of a dream-come-true ride, and I just kind of went where I needed to go and didn't ask questions and just played golf," Spieth said, as quoted by The Charlotte Observer.

Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth© Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport

Although he is a person who has a huge passion for golf and enjoys playing it, he points out that it is difficult at many times. His wish is to play every weekend, but often this is not possible. Now that the 30-year-old is with his family, the situation is somewhat different for him.

"Now things are quite a bit different in what you can schedule and how you set your season and whatnot. A lot of times it's hard. You want to play every week and you just can't do it. Getting close to it this year, but back then it was like, well, I'll just go where I need to go. I'm in next week? O.K., great. I'll go there. I feel in some ways the same, but in a lot of ways decently far removed given most of my life is off the golf course and it's quite a bit different."- Spieth continued.

Jordan Spieth: This year has been a bit frustrating

Jordan Spieth, aged 31, is not shining this season, and it's clear he's eager to achieve a victory. Looking at the competition on the golf scene, many quality golfers are contending for their place in the sun. In recent years, numerous talents have emerged, alongside experienced players who continue to dominate, making achieving great results more challenging than ever. 

Spieth has not secured a victory in two years, and his frustrations are palpable. Jordan emphasizes the importance of patience in these moments and nurturing the confidence that things will develop as he imagines. Throughout his career, Spieth has demonstrated his qualities and knows he is capable of achieving positive results. However, mindset and how Spieth perceives things are crucial in this story.

"This year has been a bit frustrating because I feel like I've been a better player than any of the previous few years," Spieth said. 

"I just haven't produced the results yet, had it all come together. It's been a patience test this year, but it's a better place than kind of having no idea what to do, where I've lived before. So I can be patient if I'm confident about what I'm working on."

Spieth will have the opportunity to compete in the Scottish Open amidst strong competition, followed immediately by the Open Championship. Playing in majors is a dream for every golfer, including Spieth. Interestingly, Jordan has a positive record when it comes to the Open, hoping to replicate that scenario once again. The American will strive to turn his season in his favor.

"I'm going to end up playing the Open as my third in a row, which has been a good spot for majors for me in the past. Masters was third in a row a number of years for me, too."-Jordan Spieth said.

Golf fans will eagerly follow his performances and see how much Spieth can do at this moment. His qualities have always been noticeable, but lately, some have lost hope that Spieth can turn the season around. The most important thing for him is that he is not the one who loses hope.

Jordan Spieth