Davis Thompson makes history with lowest score ever at John Deere Classic

“I'm just thankful it worked out. I got off to a great start today.“- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Davis Thompson makes history with lowest score ever at John Deere Classic
© Stacy Revere/Getty Images Sport

Davis Thompson could become a name in the world of golf that will be talked about in the years to come. The avalanche of young talent continues, and the PGA Tour can be pleased with new talents appearing on the big stage.

Davis Thompson achieved a brilliant victory playing at the John Deere Classic. Although this young golfer probably didn't expect things to unfold as they did, it turned out that he conquered the competition and secured a convincing win.

In the final round of the 2024 John Deere Classic, Davis Thompson shoots a final-round 64 to claim his first win on the PGA Tour. He started furiously on the first day, took the lead, and maintained it until the end. In a media interview, the 25-year-old is pleased with how things developed. He capitalized on a great start and continued in a fantastic rhythm thereafter. Thompson emphasizes that such a start was crucial for success, leveraging his momentum.

“I'm just thankful it worked out. I got off to a great start today and was able to just kind of cruise on the back nine,” Thompson said, as quoted by TSN.

“Getting off to a good start was crucial, and I was just able to ride the momentum coming in.”

The young golfer broke the record with a 28-under 256, previously held by Kim. Thompson emphasized that after a great start, he wanted to maintain his rhythm and continue aggressively throughout. Given the mild wind and ideal conditions, he expected his colleagues to be equally dominant. He didn't want to let anyone surpass him, and even before the first round, he was determined to achieve a great result.

“I just wanted to stay aggressive. I knew there would be low scores out there today because the wind kind of died down and the conditions were a little soft.“- Thompson said.

Davis Thompson wins John Deere Classic 2024
Davis Thompson wins John Deere Classic 2024© Stacy Revere/Getty Images Sport

The 25-year-old is aware of the competition at this tournament. There are many quality golfers here, experienced ones, and those aiming for success. Emerging as the winner in any competition is challenging. However, he maintained focus when it was most crucial, and thanks to his qualities, he emerged victorious.

"So I knew I was going to have to go play well. Thankfully, I made a great putt on 1 and had a great up and down on 2 and kept the ball rolling.”- he continued.

Davis Thompson and Majors

The joy is even greater for Thompson knowing he will be playing in the next three majors, with the British Open just two weeks away. Many doors have opened for him, and Thompson will try to capitalize on the situation he finds himself in. Achieving such a victory also means that paths to much bigger successes are opening up. 

It's certain that Davis now faces a certain amount of pressure, as there will be high expectations of him going forward, but becoming a star crucially involves knowing how to handle pressure. Thompson showed during this competition that he is very mature for his age, remaining calm after taking the lead and not letting anything distract him. 

Despite his impressive start, the 25-year-old didn't have the trust of all fans, as many expected him to falter. Thompson stayed at the top, silenced his critics, and will have the chance to do the same at the majors.

Davis Thompson's career

Davis Thompson turned professional just three years ago, and shortly after, he secured his PGA Tour card. Despite being close to victory, finishing just one stroke behind Jon Rahm at The American Express 2023, Thompson had not yet achieved a win. Upon joining the PGA Tour, the young golfer had huge ambitions, as everyone dreams of victories. However, desires are one thing, reality another. Playing alongside such great names makes it very difficult for a young golfer to achieve victory. Thompson always believed in himself, though he was aware that winning every weekend was not possible.

“I mean, of course, like every young guy, my expectation was to win every week, and that's just not feasible,” he said.

Zach Johnson on Davis Thompson

Some of his colleagues, including Zach Johnson, have pointed out that they noticed Thompson's progression and potential for achieving such success. Specifically, some changes to his golf bag seemed to have sparked positive results for him. Johnson has no shortage of praise for Thompson's talent, considering him one of the greatest talents. 

Johnson is not the only one with words of praise for the 25-year-old, as many other colleagues share the same opinion about Thompson. It appears that Davis is a greater talent than many realize, and he will have the opportunity to prove that in the upcoming period.