Stewart Cink: I’m disappointed that I wasn’t chosen to be the captain

Stewart Cink's name was in the conversation, and it seems Cink himself expected to become captain.

by Sead Dedovic
Stewart Cink: I’m disappointed that I wasn’t chosen to be the captain
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Many expected Stewart Cink to be the new USA Ryder Cup captain, but they were surprised when it was confirmed yesterday that Keegan Bradley will take over the team as captain. Tiger Woods' name was also mentioned for months, but the legendary golfer declined the offer for reasons known to him. 

Keegan Bradley is an interesting choice, expected to lead the team effectively and bring harmony and order. The US team does not want a repeat of last year's disappointing performance, where they fell short to the Europeans. 

Stewart Cink's name was in the conversation, and it seems Cink himself expected to become captain. He had the opportunity to play in five previous Ryder Cups and even served as a vice-captain during Zach Johnson's tenure. 

In an interview with Golf Channel, Cink expressed disappointment at not being selected as captain. Despite not leading the team, he wished the US team all the best, hoping they can achieve great results.

“I’m disappointed that I wasn’t chosen to be the captain of course. I was really hoping to be in that role. But I love the United States and I love the players. I just have so much respect for the players and the Ryder Cup.“- Bradley said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Cink proved to be a great colleague and did not want to say anything negative about Bradley, considering him a fantastic choice. Bradley is a well-known name among golf fans. Great things are expected from him, and it will be interesting to see the leadership qualities of this 38-year-old. Cink believes Bradley will be a great captain.

"Keegan has got great energy, he's still playing great, and he'll do a really good job. I know he wants a team win and - being from New England, with his roots there around New York - I think he'll be a great captain up there."- he continued.

Keegan Bradley
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Bradley is one of the youngest captains in the history of this competition. Some believe this will reflect positively on the team, while others see it as a great advantage that will facilitate the job. Cink commented on the PGA of America's decision, considering it a move to implement a new style. 

According to some, PGA of America made a strange move, but according to many, it was a brilliant move. It's fantastic when opportunities are given to younger people who have passion and desire to achieve success. Representing your country at the Ryder Cup, whether as a captain, part of the coaching staff, or as a player, is everyone's dream.

Cink stresses that Bradley's successes in the golfing world played a huge role in him receiving this opportunity. Bradley has had the chance to compete in various events, play fantastic golf, and win the PGA Championship. These achievements are a huge plus in his career and make Bradley a favorable choice. 

Additionally, age was likely a factor, as it seems PGA of America leaders wanted fresh blood and to give an opportunity to someone younger. Cink is still not sure if this is their new philosophy, but it's clear they have given a chance to the younger generation. The question remains how Bradley will perform in this role. If he succeeds, their policy could potentially focus more on this approach in the future.

Keegan Bradley reacts: I don't think I'll ever be more surprised

Bradley, in a media interview, emphasized that he had never been so surprised in his life. Keegan did not expect to be the person leading the team at Bethpage Black, but PGA of America leaders saw in him someone with the potential to succeed. He had no idea that his name was even being mentioned.

“I don't think I'll ever be more surprised of anything in my entire life,” Bradley said.

“I had no idea. It took a while for it to sink in.”

Bradley admitted that he hadn't spoken to anyone until he heard he would be captain. In his conversation with Seth Waugh and Zach Johnson, he realized the role he would play. He struggled to articulate himself, as his reaction wasn't what he believed they expected. This great golfer was shocked but also uncomfortable. He reiterated that he likely would never be so surprised again in his life, but the opportunity he has is a huge motivation for him.

“I was a little bit uncomfortable with some of the guys, you know, my idols, that were looked over for this position, and I needed a second to figure that out.“- he said.

It will be interesting to see what kind of story Bradley will write together with the US teams next year.

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