Remembering Jarrod Lyle, the cancer survivor

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Remembering Jarrod Lyle, the cancer survivor

The way athletes perform, it often seems that they are superheroes. They seem to defy any and every hardship they face as they bounce back repeatedly to give their fans and the viewers things to think about. But they aren’t indefatigable and there are some things that even athletes can’t control.

One of which is death. And the death of 36-year-old golfer Jarrod Lyle is the latest testimony to this dark fact. The Australian succumbed to cancer, surrounded by his family in his native country on 8th August, a fortnight before his 37th birthday.

But what he showed to the world as kept fighting the disease can never be forgotten. Lyle was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia as a teenager and he went on to beat the disease even as he made his way through the sport.

Starting off as a caddy for his father at the age of six was Lyle’s first hands-on connect with the sport and in 2004, he turned pro. Four years later, in 2008, Lyle won two titles at the Nationwide Tour which enabled him to secure a place in the 2009 PGA tour as one of the top-25 ranked players.

Lyle’s professional journey wasn’t, however, set to be easy as his cancer made a reappearance in 2012. He fended off the disease’s dreaded claws for the second time and continued his way on the Tour in 2014.

Three years later though, his beleaguered body once again encountered the disease and this time around, it felt like the end was nearing which it eventually did. Lyle’s peers chose to remember him by pinning yellow ribbons on their hats at the US PGA Championship at the Bellerive Country Club. The tournament was won by Brooks Koepka.