Charting the comeback of Tiger Woods

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Charting the comeback of Tiger Woods

Back when I was entering my teens, the only name to watch out for in gold belonged to Tiger Woods. The American was the epitome of success and the sole favourite to win titles. As I grew up and entered the workforce, Woods’ career had waned and he no longer remained in the reckoning as a contender for the titles.

But in the last couple of tournaments, Woods has made a comeback and along with it, a sliver of my childhood memories also seems to have been rejogged. He brought everyone, even a part-time watcher such as me, to the edge of their seats at The Open back in July.

He even had a lead before his lead was swept away and Italian Francesco Molinari claimed his first Major. Woods’ performance at The Open gave credibility to the fact that the 42-year-old could still add to his count of 14 majors.

And, at the PGA Championship in August, he gave yet another demonstration to support this claim. Woods’ compatriot Koepka may have defended his title at the PGA Championship to win his third major overall. But Woods finished second, one of the best finishes he had had in an event in a long time, finishing with T-6.

In sports, older players more often than not find themselves eclipsed by the younger generation. But, there are instances where the older crop of players give reasons to reaffirm their status as legends. Tennis, with which Woods has a connect, has its share of examples.

It’s not, then, surprising that Woods has finally taken a leaf out of tennis’ books utilising the opportunity he has finally received after years.