Tiger Woods, like many tennis stars, supports the Black Lives Matters

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Tiger Woods, like many tennis stars, supports the Black Lives Matters

Many tennis stars (and former stars), like Serena and Venus Williams, Naomi Osaka, Andy Murray, Boris Becker, Cori Gauff and many others, Tiger Woods expressed himself by supporting the Black lives Matters. "Fantastic, that's how the company progresses," said Woods, who for the first time publicly talks in favor of the Black Lives Matters movement (and for the first time against his friend US President Donald Trump).

The golfer is gearing up for the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, and at the conference he talked about the Black Lives Matter movement and the changes it is triggering in American society. He said: "Change is a fantastic thing, provided that we can change things without hurting the innocent.

This has unfortunately happened, and we hope it won't happen again in the future. But such a movement, and change are fantastic things. that's how society makes progress and how we grow no one else loses their life in the future, getting closer to a more socially just society.

" Meanwhile Tiger Woods prepares to come back to the green in the Memorial Tournament, scheduled for July 16 to 19 in Dublin (in Ohio), training with his son Charlie. The American champion said: "For the moment I can still beat him, but he is beginning to understand how to play and does nothing but ask me pertinent questions!" In the footsteps of the phenomenon dad, his son Charlie has to deal with a special trainer.

Tiger is in fact his only coach and he hopes that one day his special pupil will break his records. "It all depends on him," explained the Californian in an interview on GOLF TV. Woods after 5 months of distance, thanks to the lockdown, from a tournament
official of the PGA Tour, he is chasing the absolute record of 83 triumphs in the maximum American golf Tour.

Andy Murray on Black Lives Matter

Three-time Grand Slam champion Murray joined his fellow players in taking the knee in tribute to George Floyd at the Schroders Battle of the Brits on Tuesday. Speaking after his first match in the event, a straight sets win over Liam Broady, Murray says, "I think I speak for all the players.

Obviously with everything that has gone on the last few weeks, off the back of the George Floyd murder, in the States, it was obviously shocking scenes. I have always, more so from a sexism point of view, but the same applies to racism.

Some people see it as a radical thing but I personally don't. I just feel that everybody should be treated the same. It doesn't matter your sex or the colour of your skin or background or religion or whatever, I think it is a pretty basic human right that everybody should be treated exactly the same and given the same opportunity.

I am aware that obviously that is not the case just now. I am trying the best as I can to try to learn and understand a little bit more about the Black Lives Matter movement and systemic racism in sport. Murray said that changes need to be made in sport as well and is happy that many players are now supporting the Black Lives Matter movement," he said.