Phil Mickelson tweets about Tiger Woods

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Phil Mickelson tweets about Tiger Woods

Much to the dismay of golf fans everywhere, both Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods failed to play themselves into this year’s Tour Championship. This is one amongst many upsets and surprises that has been part of the wild ride professional golf has been on since the beginning of the year.

Sometimes, you need to look away from the horror show of reality and offer up some good old-fashioned gratitude to the skies, or, in Phil Mickelson’s case, to Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson has been known to take the mickey and making people laugh, especially recently.

On Tuesday night, as the newest Champions Tour champion, Mickelson sent out a message to Woods, the man he spent the prime of his career battling on the golf course, trying in vain to wrest away the No. 1 world ranking. The older man (Phil turned 50 in June), was clearly experiencing a moment of grace and thankfulness for his amazing life and the successes he has experienced on the golf course as of late.

According to the tweet in question, a lot of that gratitude is directed towards Tiger and what he did for the game of golf.

Phil Mickelson appreciates Tiger Woods

“Dear Tiger,” began the tweet from the five-time major champion, “Thank you for all that you’ve done for this great game of golf.

No one has benefited more than me”. And just to drive the point home, he continued. “I just wanted you to know I appreciate you and all you’ve done. That’s all. Thank you”. Based on the reaction on Twitter, many read the tweet as a heartwarming display of unity between two former rivals.

But Mickelson is known for his humor and gentle ribbing of his fellow pros, especially since he joined Twitter two years ago, so his intention wasn’t immediately clear. More likely, given that Mickelson sent the tweet after 10pm, he was enjoying a few glasses of 1985 vintage Haut-Brion and was genuinely feeling the love towards the reigning Masters champ, Woods.

When a follower asked Phil the reason for the Tiger tweet, he responded simply, “Random appreciation”. Although we will probably never know the real reason or meaning behind the tweet, both Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods will be squarely in the mix in two weeks’ time when the postponed U.S. Open hits Winged Foot. Hopefully the players will continue their long-time rivalry for some spectacular golf.