Rory McIlroy’s go-to pizza has the golf world buzzing

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Rory McIlroy’s go-to pizza has the golf world buzzing

It would appear that Rory McIlroy has got some surprising pizza penchants. It is common knowledge that Rory McIlroy, like many of his peers, is something of a health nut. In the new golfing era, golfers have begun following rigorous health and fitness routines to be able to play their best golf.

The benefits of muscle has never been more apparent than at last weekend’s U.S Open where newly buff Bryson DeChambeau hit it out of the park for a win. McIlroy carefully keeps an eye on his weight, works out a lot, and keeps himself in top-tip shape for a 31-year-old man.

McIlroy’s Peloton classes were a fixture of the PGA Tour’s spring shutdown, and he even went as far as sharing his workout routine with his instagram followers, making it clear that it is not a walk in the park that makes him one of the best golfers of his time.

But for all of Rory’s health-consciousness, he recently proved that he is only human after all when he revealed that even he has a cheat night every once in a while, – pizza night. During Tuesday’s Payne’s Valley Cup, mics picked up a conversation between McIlroy and Justin Thomas that gave the golf world its first look at Rory’s surprising pizza proclivities.

This is how the exchange went:

Thomas: “New York pizza, man”. Rory: “I’ll tell you what, we’re on this big Domino’s kick recently. It’s so good. If you don’t know what the really good local pizza place is, Domino’s is like, solid”.

Thomas: “You know what you’re going to get. Do you guys get the same pizza or change it up?” Rory: “I get the same. I get the deluxe, but I go with extra sausage, extra whatever”. You read right.

A four-time major champion is more than willing to order his pizza (with extra sausage) from Domino’s – the popular haunt for students everywhere. McIlroy’s love for the “deluxe” pizza with “extra sausage and extra whatever” even got the attention of the national chain who responded, “you got it”.

A lot of fans were shocked that McIlroy has such pedestrian taste in pizza. Some people forgave him though, citing his upbringing as an excuse. Between Northern Ireland and Florida, there’s not much great pizza. It’s possible Rory has missed out on some of the best New York has to offer during his brief trips to the city.

It’s possible (though unlikely) that Domino’s is the best option near him. Professional golfers—they’re just like us!