Getting to know rising star Matthew Wolff

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Getting to know rising star Matthew Wolff

Hosts of GOLF’s Subpar, a weekly show featuring exclusive interviews and unique takes in the world of golf, former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his close friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz, caught PGA Tour Winner Matthew Wolff on Sunday for an exclusive interview at Old Palm Golf Club.

In the interview, the world #14 ranked player discussed life on the PGA Tour as a 21-year-old, his inspiration, and working with George Gankas. With two major starts under his belt and two top 5’s in two major championships, the 2019 3m champion talked about looking up to McIlroy and Rickie Fowler as a young golfer.

The pair had inspired him to consider the program at Oklahoma State University, which cleared the path to his PGA tour athlete status. “You did make it. Now you're one of them" was the hosts’ response to the young pro’s admission of respect for Rickie and Rory, who he admitted made him.

Wolff talked catching the attention of George Gankas, one of the best golf coaches at school at 13. He also discussed Gankas’s eccentric coaching method, which involves what many would consider gibberish.

“[The words] mean anything you want them to mean, really,” Wolff said.

“Scooby’s one of them, you could be like ‘Hey, I’m going to get some Scooby snacks’ or like ‘What up, Scooby?’ describing someone”.

“Then there’s ‘squamdow,’ and ‘skooshie,'” Matthew said, continuing. “It’s almost like a joke to him. He’ll look at someone’s swing and if you’re screwing around or something, he’ll be like ‘Oh yeah, you just wanna get squamdow here, and then through impact you get skooshie, and then from there you get centrifugal and then you get pterodactyl sauce.'

” In the young superstar’s estimation, Gankas’ secret language sounds completely nonsensical, but that’s part of the point. The words don’t have meaning, but they’re how he keeps people attentive.

Top 5 in his last 2 major championships, the athlete remained humble as he gratefully recalled players who have been playing for 15, 20 years without ever going on a PGA tour.