Thailand, visitors in quarantine can play golf

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Thailand, visitors in quarantine can play golf

Curious news from Thiland. Visitors can spend their quarantine playing golf. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) decided it.

Golf in Thailand

Six resorts (Mida Golf Club, Evergreen Hills Golf Club, Blue Star Golf Course, Artitaya Golf & Resort, Sawang Resort and Golf Club e Artitaya Chiang Mai Golf & Resort) have been approved by the government.

Quarantining visitors will be able to move around the resorts and also play golf, rather than just isolate in their rooms. "Golf Quarantine means the detention of people entering the Kingdom of Thailand for the purpose of exercising by playing golf.

Playing rounds and doing health activities during quarantine is according to a service program scheduled in advance by the golf business. It is a quarantine, surveillance, prevention and control facility for COVID-19, along with playing golf and doing health activities for a period of time according to the Infectious Disease Situation Management Center", it's the official order.

Meanwhile, Angel Cabrera war arrested by Interpol in Brazil where he will be held while waiting to be extradited to his homeland, to answer in front of the judge heavy charges: aggression, theft, violence, intimidation and repeated lack of respect towards the authorities are in particular the crimes charged to the 51-year-old professional golfer, born in Cordoba, also denounced of domestic violence by his latest partner, Cecilia Torres (who declared that she was punched and threatened by the man, with also an attempt to run her over with his car in 2016), and by his ex-wife Silvia Rivadero, as reported by the Argentine media.

The arrest took place in a high-ranking area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, as declared by the Brazilian federal police without initially providing the name of the person but only age and nationality, then two officers, who agreed to provide the information only by remaining anonymous because they weren't allowed to discuss the matter publicly, they confirmed it was Cabrera.

The police statement states that the arrest was authorized by the Brazilian highest court and that the man will be detained until his extradition to Argentina. First South American golfer to win the Masters, Angel Cabrera is one of the most successful golfers in South America, in 2007 at the US Open on the Oakmont greens he beat champions such as Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk, then, in 2009, at the Masters he won the "Green Jacket" - the first South American to wear it - at the play-off.

The Cordoba player boasts another Pga Tour win, as well as four European Tour titles, including the main event, the BMW Pga Championship at Wentworth. He did not participate in the Masters last November due to surgery on his left wrist, after having played five tournaments on the Pga Tour Champions circuit for over 50s between August and September.