PGA Championship 2022, new hosting site

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PGA Championship 2022, new hosting site

The PGA Championship 2022 will be played in Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA), on the course of the Southern Hills Country Club.

PGA Championship 2022, cours

Among the 4 most important majors in men's golf, it should have been played in Bedminster, on one of Donald Trump's courses in New Jersey.

But after the facts regarding the assault on the US Congress, the PGA of America dumped Trump. And now here is the new headquarters. The appointment, scheduled from 19 to 22 May 2022, will be the protagonist on a historic race course, which has already hosted the tournament five times, the last time in 2007, the year of Tiger Woods' fourth and last triumph.

Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson, despite his 50th birthday last June, dreams of other ambitious goals. "I'll try to play as many PGA Tour events as possible to try and get a Wisconsin Ryder Cup pass. Having the chance to be often in contention for the win and playing alongside athletes I have known for over 30 years is something that amuses me.

If things do not go well on the PGA Tour, I will consider playing more consistently on the Champions Tour" “I just know that the birth of any children, especially your first, is the most emotional experience that you could possibly share, and there’s no sense to take any risk.

He’s at home with his wife; they’re due any minute, any day, and I’m excited for them" “My love of the game of golf is high, and my desire to compete and play against the best players is high.

I find myself just internally motivated because of my love to compete and my love to try to bring out the best in me. I’ve actually had a good offseason, where I haven’t had as much time off as I normally would take, because it’s been so much shorter.

I feel like I’ve made a few good strides, and I’m excited to start the year and see if I’m able to continue playing at the highest level"