Jay Monahan: "We will support Tiger Woods"

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Jay Monahan: "We will support Tiger Woods"

Pga Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan was shocked by the Tiger Woods accident “I was in my office on a Microsoft Teams call. I answered my phone and I guess my reaction was shock, I was shocked. I kind of had to sit down and ask the same question I had asked a second time because I wasn't sure I completely heard what I was being told”.

Jay Monahan, statements

"So, the way I look at it is it’s never about me. I was like a lot of people out here. Timing is everything in life, and I wanted to pursue a career in sports. I went to graduate school in 1996, got out in '97 and started my career and ended up working, finding a way to work at a company that did a lot in golf.

Once I saw the environment of the PGA TOUR and once I saw Tiger and all the great players in action, it led me to want to pursue a career here" "Well, I think that the only thing that really matters now is his well-being.

His recovery, his family, the level of support that we provide to him. Listen, when Tiger wants to talk about golf, we'll talk about golf, but I think right now the entirety of our efforts needs to be around the support.

When you're going to overcome what he needs to overcome, I think the love of all of our players and everybody out here, it's going to come forward in a big way and across the entire sporting world. I think he'll feel that energy and I think that's what we should all focus on"

Few days ago, Tiger Woods said he's didn't know when he would return from a fifth back surgery, and he could not give a definitive answer Sunday when asked if he would be at the Masters. "God, I hope so", Woods on the CBS broadcast of The Genesis Invitational.

Woods, at Riviera to hand out the trophy as the tournament host, had a microdiscectomy Dec. 23. It was the fifth surgery on his back, and the first since a procedure to fuse his lower spine in April 2017. "I'm feeling fine.

I'm a little bit stiff. I have one more MRI scheduled so that we'll see if the annulus (fibrosus) is scarred over finally and see if I can start doing more activities. But still in the gym, still doing the mundane stuff that you have to do for rehab, the little things before I can start gravitating towards something a little more"

Woods had not played since he joined 11-year-old Charlie at the PNC Challenge a few days before his surgery. "I don't know what the plan is", he said when asked if he would try to play before the Masters.