Tiger Woods, investigation on the black box

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Tiger Woods, investigation on the black box

Tiger Woods SUV black box investigation. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department wants to get to the bottom of the car accident involving the golf champion. So much so that he decided to issue a search warrant to recover the data of the device concerning the Genesis GV80 with which the Californian has overturned.

Tiger Woods, investigation

The goal is to find out what the performance of the vehicle was and what happened at the moment of impact. Tiger Woods may have fallen asleep before he went off the road in his car on February 23.

USA Today writes it citing three forensic experts. In a report they explained how the evidence did not show that the golf champion lost control of the SUV due to the high speed. Instead, it seems that the car went straight on invading the opposite carriageway, rather than turning to the right following the direction of the road.

"It is as if he had been in a state of unconsciousness - said the expert Jonathan Cherney - or he fell asleep and did not wake up until he went astray" There were no skid marks on the pavement as revealed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

"But Tiger Woods' car had anti-lock brakes so even if he braked sharply you wouldn't necessarily see any signs" - explained the other expert Felix Lee. Lee adds that speed wasn't the cause, rather the lack of attention.

Moreover - it is argued - if the golfer had traveled at a high speed the consequences of the accident would have been much more serious. With a post published on his official channels Tiger Woods wanted to thank his colleagues and colleagues who paid tribute in the WGC as on the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour, going into the race with black trousers (skirts in the case of the top female American circuit) and red shirts (the standard Californian uniform in every final round of a tournament), to "The Big Cat"

Involved in a serious car accident and now in hospital in Los Angeles after the operation, Woods also wanted to thank all those fans who, in the most difficult moment, these days have never made him lack their support. "It is hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the tv and saw all the red shirts.

To every golfer and every fan, you are truly helping me get through this tough time" Collin Morikawa wins the World Golf Championships-Workday Championship at The Concession in Florida and emulates his legend of all time, Woods, becoming the only player - along with Tiger - to win a Major (the PGA Championship in 2020) and a WGC before of 25 years.

In Bradenton, Morikawa's show company dedicates its success to "The Big Cat", in the most difficult days for Woods, involved in a serious car accident. "Tiger means everything to me. Luckily he is better now and I hope he can recover as soon as possible.

Every time in life we ‚Äč‚Äčlose people we love without thanking them enough for what they did. My grandfather passed away a month ago and this I want to dedicate victory to him and to Woods " This is Morikawa's tribute at the end of the race.