Irish Open, update on planning for the 2021

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Irish Open, update on planning for the 2021

Important update on planning for the 2021 Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.

Irish Open, statement

We are cautiously optimistic about the return of fans to our events later this year when it is safe to do so. We will continue to follow the latest Government guidance in this respect.

To be the first to hear news regarding the sale of tickets for this year’s event, you can now register your interest for event and ticket. An eco-sustainable, green and plastic free Ryder Cup. And then a field ready more than two years in advance "which will become a point of reference worldwide"

Gian Paolo Montali, general manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 project, in an interview with ANSA launches the long-awaited golf challenge scheduled in the Eternal City (from Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October) between the Old Continent and the USA.

Where Europe will play united under a single flag with a message beyond sport, and will face the United States. For a key event that aims to provide an impetus for Italy's economic recovery after the crisis resulting from Covid and become a driving force for tourism, including golf.

With Rome at the center of the world. "I am happy to announce that the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club course is open to members of the Biagiotti family club and the work on the 18 holes has been completed" says Montali.

The official inauguration, however, is postponed due to the persistence of the health emergency. "Such an event deserves a great presentation, in safety. Which will happen when the renovations on the Club House and the new driving range are completed.

But rest assured, for the quality and spectacular nature of the course, Marco Simone will be one of the hubs of golf in Europe and a pilgrimage destination. This is an iconic field " He is radiant, Montali, because the Ryder Cup 2023 project has never stopped, not even during the lockdown.

"In that period pylons with helicopters were shot down to meet all deadlines and today we are reaping the benefits" A happiness to share with all 3 teams who contributed to making this happen: the Biagiotti family, Ryder Cup Europe and the Italian Golf Federation led by Franco Chimenti, the architect who for the first time led to Rome and Italy the third most important sporting event after the World Cup and the Olympics.

A concrete answer between efficiency, union and against any waste. "Eco-sustainability systems, water recycling, use of substances that are not harmful to the soil" These are just some of the characteristics of the new Marco Simone who will host three Italian Open before Ryder.

"We will also use - underlines Montali - electric shuttles to bring the fans to the field between waste prevention and minimization, recycling of the same on the spot. In these five years there have been 4 governments.

Yet this project has always worked and relations with the various executives , as well as those with the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome, have been excellent. We are happy that Prime Minister Draghi has decided to focus strongly on the Ministry of Tourism and Ecological Transition, two fundamental themes for the Ryder of Rome which will enter the houses of the Italians.

We will be able to boast a cohesive Europe on the pitch, which will play exclusively to win the cup and the honor of victory " After the 2021 challenge in Wisconsin (USA), the Ryder Cup in Rome will get even more alive.

The first step is the choice of captains. "The hope - admits Montali - is that two representative figures will be identified. Icons beyond sport" And the reference, evident, especially in these days, goes, on the US side, to the legend Tiger Woods.