Lucas Nicolas Fallotico, new italian dream

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Lucas Nicolas Fallotico, new italian dream

First international amateur tournament of 2021 and immediately first victory for Italgolf. At the Real Club de Golf in Terrassa (Barcelona) Lucas Nicolas Fallotico won the Spanish International Amateur Championship "Copa S.

M. El Rey" overcoming the Frenchman Paul Margolis by 1up, after a balanced race.

Not only Lucas Nicolas Fallotico

But in Iberian land the italian movement touched an encore. In the women's tournament, staged at the Real Sevilla Golf Club in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), Virginia Elena Carta's race stopped in the semifinals, defeated 6/4 by Iberian Julia Lopez Ramirez, then beaten today by her compatriot Carla Escuder Bernat, new champion A new trendy Club House, signed by a world famous star architect.

For a 360 ° project between environmental sustainability, technology, digitalization. Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna in an interview with ANSA tells, with passion and responsibility, the peculiarities of the new Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome, a club she chaired that in 2023 will host the Ryder Cup, for the first time in Italy.

"More than two years in advance, the golf course is ready and the 18 holes are absolutely playable. This is an extraordinary result and a tangible project that looks to the future, just like us - says Biagiotti -. Destined to leave a legacy"

"Playing the future", playing the future: with the Ryder Cup Italy of golf looks to the future and aims to become, through the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, an international reference point. "This game path is unique and unrepeatable.

In addition to being technological and avant-garde - he continues - it is rich in values ‚Äč‚Äčlinked to sustainability and the territory. And it respects this territory a lot, enhancing it. There are glimpses of nature, the Marco castle Simone, and the dome of San Pietro.

And the design is avant-garde, with European Golf Design and the touch of the American architect Tom Fazio. "That has already made the talents of tomorrow in the academy of the Capitoline club proud, among the first to have tried it.

The one concerning the restyling of the Marco Simone is a large project, which has never stopped, not even during the pandemic. "The new practice area will be sown by the end of this week and the hope is to have it ready as soon as possible thanks to the help of the good weather"

However, other news arrives from Lavinia Biagiotti: "It will be - he reveals - an archistar to sign the new Club House, whose works began on Monday 1st March" Seriousness, passion, determination, commitment. Marco Simone's work proceeds thanks to teamwork.

"I think this is really the secret of the project. My thanks go to Franco Chimenti, President of the Italian Golf Federation and Deputy Vice President of Coni who, with his extraordinary vision, brought the Ryder Cup to Rome and had the ability to translating it into a project.

But also to Gian Paolo Montali, general manager of the project who is doing an incredible job. And then to Coni and then to President Giovanni Malagò. And again: to the Ryder Cup Europe team that he brought to Italy a know-how that wasn't there and to the whole Marco Simone team that was truly commendable "

Not only the protagonists of the Europe team and the US team, at Marco Simone in 2023 fashion could also parade. "It is an option that we are considering", says Biagiotti. For a Ryder Cup, the Italian one, very glamorous.