Zach Johnson: "Tiger Woods's our barometer"

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Zach Johnson: "Tiger Woods's our barometer"

Tiger Woods obviously will not be at Masters and Zach Johnson will miss his friend and competitor. “He's our barometer. He’s the individual that takes this product that is so good right now with so much talent young, middle and old and makes it better, makes it immensely better.

The beauty of it is he is still going to be around, still be a part of it. I just hope he’s competing", Johnson told FanSided.

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"We all had the guy that you attach to when I was growing up.

There was a number of players you could kind of gravitate to, but these kids that are now playing, there was only one and it’s him. If you wanted to do something with the golf ball or the driver head any of the technology behind it, it should have been done a long time ago.

I think one of the coolest features of our game is that you can go play the same venue that we play from the same tees we play to the same pin location that we play. I’m probably not going to get on the hardwood with LeBron James or sit back as a safety trying to tackle Derrick Henry, but you can go participate in my sport with me.

That’s unique and you gotta keep it that way" Two weeks ago, the 15-time major champion announced he is back home and continuing his recovery. “Happy to report that I am back home and continuing my recovery.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that I have received over the past few weeks”. On Saturday night, he made his second public comment following his accident. He congratulated Tsubasa Kajitani, who one the Augusta National Women’s Amateur in a playoff.

"Congrats to Tsubasa Kajitani on winning the @anwagolf with an amazing playoff finish. Enjoy the special moment, and good luck to all of the kids tomorrow in the @DriveChipPutt", Woods said. There is an update about Tiger Woods accident.

The Los Angeles County sheriff says detectives have determined what caused Tiger Woods to crash his SUV last month in Southern California but would not release details Wednesday, citing unspecified privacy concerns for the golf star.

"A cause has been determined, the investigation has concluded. We have reached out to Tiger Woods and his personnel. There’s some privacy issues on releasing information on the investigation so we’re going to ask them if they waive the privacy and then we will be able to do a full release on all the information regarding the accident.

We have all the contents of the black box, we’ve got everything,” Villanueva said. “It’s completed, signed, sealed and delivered. However, we can’t release it without the permission of the people involved in the collision", Sheriff Alex Villanueva said during a live social media event Wednesday in response to a question posed by The Associated Press.