Bobby Jones, in 1930 a shot over 350 yards

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Bobby Jones, in 1930 a shot over 350 yards

Many have wondered if Bobby Jones, still considered one of the best golfers of his era, was also long from the tee. Golfando finds the answer in an autograph letter from him, dated 1 December 1930. In the letter Jones answers the question of which was the longest driver hit he made.

As you can deduce from the dates, Jones made his longest shot with the driver at the age of 16.

Bobby Jones, letter

"Dear Sir, his November 24 letter to the United States Golf Association was forwarded to me for reply.

I have no way of knowing exactly which was the longest driver he ever did. The longest I can remember with any degree of accuracy occurred on the eighth hole at the Merion Cricket Club in the 1916 Amateur Championship, in my first day match against E.

M. Ryers. The hole is 350 yards long and my drive went beyond the green. I'm sorry but this is the best answer I can give you" Erica Herman, Tiger Woods' girlfriend, was by his side and helped him recover. Erica Herman and Tiger Woods Herman apparently dropped everything and rushed to see Tiger Woods after the serious injuries from the accident in February 2021.

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