Michael Visacki, a video calling home is viral

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Michael Visacki, a video calling home is viral

Sarasota mini-tour pro Michael Visacki, 27, Monday-qualified into this week’s Valspar Championship called home to break the news. “I made it,” he croaks amid the tears, his father alternately cheering and crying.

The emotional video is viral.

Michael Visacki, statements

“Just a lot of people give up on their dreams, probably because they can't afford it. But I've been lucky enough to be with my parents and been able to help me out sometimes to keep living it.

Tournaments would want us to register about two weeks in advance to know that they had so many players in. And sometimes money was tight where my parents would call the director and be like, ‘Do you mind putting my son in? I'll have the money for you when we get to the event.’ And they knew that I was a really good junior golfer, so they would accept that, they would waive that restriction for me back in the junior days"

In Italy it is possible again to organize and play golf competitions in the yellow zone. The good news was communicated in time by the Federgolf. After the one relating to the abolition of the examination of the rules, the Federation issues another circular (number 16), less surprising than the previous one but very much awaited.

Starting from April 26, 2021 it is allowed, exclusively for the territories located in the yellow zone, to carry out any sporting golf activity outdoors, in compliance with the guidelines adopted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Sport.

After careful analysis of the current legislation and unless otherwise and any guidance should be provided by the Department of Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, any golf sporting activity, events, demonstrations and competitions (including social and pro -am) if carried out outdoors and in compliance with the Federal Protocol.

With reference to the performance of the amateur sports activity referred to there, the use of changing rooms is prohibited unless otherwise established by the guidelines referred to in the first sentence. For the territories located in the orange and red areas, the prescriptions made with previous legislative measures remain valid and effective.

A great step forward after months of lockouts or general play. Once again it's up to us now to respect the rules (not just those of golf) so that golf never stops.