Jaguar Land Rover Golf Pro-Am, bis success

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Jaguar Land Rover Golf Pro-Am, bis success

Sold out success and spectacle for the "Jaguar Land Rover Golf Pro-Am" staged at the Argentario Golf Club and won, with a score of 292, by the team led by Silvio Grappasonni, former Italian golfer and son of art (his father Ugo was a great interpreter of the discipline).

Jaguar Land Rover Golf Pro-Am, results

Fun, games and a great desire for golf. Thirty-five teams took part in the show: an event in the name of equilibrium, with the ranking changed from one blow to the next on a technical field that boasts 18 panoramic holes, 6,218 meters long, and is eco-friendly, with products used for its totally natural maintenance.

Winning was the team of Silvio Grappasonni, also made up of Carolina Vergnano and the Bertero brothers. Not even the time to archive this edition that we are already thinking about the next one. With the "Jaguar Land Rover Golf Pro-Am" aiming to become a great classic in the summer scoring calendar.

Jon Rahm would’ve been forgiven for not wanting to watch the final round of the Memorial Tournament presented by Workday but the Spanish star was indeed an interested television viewer from his COVID-19 isolation.These are circumstances that happen in life, and they were still competing for the event, and I'm still a student and avid fan of the game, so, yeah, I was watching.

To be honest, I was kind of wondering how close they were going to get to 18 under at the same time. I was a little bit scared because, even though I was feeling fine, I didn't want to give the virus to anybody in my house.

I didn't want to possibly give it to our young son. The hardest part out of all this was for just over 10 days not being able to even spend any time with my little one. Adding to that… I wasn't there when my parents met my son, and I hadn't seen my parents in over a year, almost a year and a half.

Those are the hard parts about this virus in life. To all the people criticizing the PGA TOUR, they shouldn't. We are in a pandemic, and even though this virus has very different forms of attacking people, you never know what reaction you're going to get"

“So the PGA TOUR did what they had to do. The CDC rules are there for a reason. There are players that missed the World Series last year. There are other athletes that have missed events. I've heard a lot of different theories: I should have played alone; that's nonsense.

The rules are there, and it's clear. I still have the memory of all those great golf shots I played. I'm going to choose to remember that. I've been playing really good golf all year. Two weeks ago, it's finally clicking all together like I was waiting for it to happen.

Finally everything was firing on all cylinders. Not that I'm expecting to play that perfect again, but I know that I can play at a really high level. I wish I was a little bit more prepared… but once you tee off Thursday, it doesn't matter.

You go do a job. Was it 13 years ago Tiger won on pretty much a broken knee without really being prepared? Once the gun goes off, it doesn't matter. So in that sense, I'm still confident"