Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso with Super Mario

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Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso with Super Mario

The summer season has begun and, this year more than ever, brings with it the desire to be and have fun together. When it comes to playing together, there is really no better ally than the most famous mustachioed plumber in the world, who for over 35 years has entertained young and old with some of the most beloved multiplayer video games ever.

Super Mario returns to Nintendo Switch and is ready once again to deliver unforgettable moments of shared fun with the brand new Mario Golf: Super Rush. A party game to be enjoyed in the company of friends or the whole family which, with its frenetic pace and its golf revisited in a multiplayer key, has also won over a real golf player, Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso.

Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso, Super Mario

The champion, who is part of the National Professional Team of the Italian Golf Federation and is one of the possible players who will represent Italy at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, enjoyed herself in the company of the latest Super Mario video game thanks to the special movement controls that simulate a real golf club and the many modes, from the most classic to the craziest, that characterize it.

The professional golfer, born in '96, is a proette who regularly competes in the Ladies European Tour (LET), the highest European circuit, and among her most important results we find the gold medal at the European Qualifier of the US Women's Open in 2019 and the third position in the ranking of access to the LET which guaranteed her entry to the circuit in 2020, for the fourth year.

The virtual green, however, is decidedly different from the real one and, contrary to what one might think, the victory for Lucrezia is not always taken for granted: on the other hand, Mario Golf: Super Rush is much more than a golf game and to go in the hole you don't need to be an expert golfer!

The gaming experience is in fact accessible and fun, also thanks to the special movement controls *: just hold a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller as if it were a real golf club and the character will faithfully reproduce all the movements and swings of the player.

For those who prefer a more traditional gamer experience, it is still possible to play with the buttons in a classic way. With Mario Golf: Super Rush, players will be able to choose from a rich cast of 16 characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, each with different strengths and with their own unique special moves: from the iconic Mario and Luigi, to Princess Peach and Toad.

, up to the more unusual ones like King Bob-omb and Plakkoopa. Each game will always be different from the previous one thanks to the six different environments to choose from, which include standard routes, but also those with special dangers that can make the matches unpredictable and exciting.

It will be possible to tackle the fairway with up to three other companions locally and online ** in many game modes, including the innovative Speed ​​Golf, a very special race in which players start in unison and run along the course to be the first to put the ball into the hole.

For the more adventurous there is also Battaglia Golf, an even more frenetic variant of Speed ​​Golf in which nine holes are in play at the same time: the first player to score three holes is entitled to victory and it is therefore essential to always stay in front of the opponents in order not to risk of losing.

Without forgetting the more classic modes, first and foremost Golf Standard, in which every shot counts and the lowest score triumphs. Finally, solitary players will be able to experience an adventure that tells the path from beginners to professionals in Adventure Golf.

With their own personalized Mii, they will be able to learn to play and face a variety of challenges while interacting with well-known characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. By gradually gaining experience it will be possible to level up and customize your virtual avatar, which can also be used in multiplayer modes.

With Mario Golf: Super Rush, the Mario Golf series returns in the fastest chapter ever, this time on Nintendo Switch. From June 25, 2021, players can join many different characters from the world of Super Mario in different multiplayer modes or alone.